12bet's Catch-up strategy

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"Catch-up" is the name of a strategic betting technique in 12bet, with the help of which you can effectively cover losses. Despite its rather high efficiency, this strategy in 12bet has certain features, advantages and disadvantages that are important to consider.

Peculiarities of the strategy in 12bet

The term "Catch-up" refers to a narrowly focused strategy for distributing the available game bank used to set bets on sporting events through 12 bet. In this case, doubling the bet takes place after a loss, with the player hoping to cover past failures with one win. The betting amount is raised until a win is recorded by 12bet.
A characteristic advantage of the described strategic line is the maximum simplicity, so that any person, even a beginner and inexperienced user of 12bet sports, can understand the basic rules. 

Advantages and disadvantages of 12 bet Catch-up

The 12bet bet betting strategy has a number of advantages:

– maximum performance under ideal conditions;
– There is no ban on the use of the strategy by the bookmakers;
– uncomplicated probability calculation.
As for the disadvantages, it is important to highlight the possibility of geometrically increasing loss of personal finance due to the wrong participant, restrictions from 12bet sports and many other factors. Also of note is the need for a constant injection of finances if the strategy is used for a long time.
If 12bet is characterised by the absence of any limits, a strategy called "Dodgeball" can become a virtual win-win, even over a long period of time. However, it is impossible to find a company with such perfect conditions in practice.

Application in 12bet


Before applying the described method in practice, experts recommend using a virtual money balance. Thus, the player will be able to choose the most profitable line and evaluate the existing 12bet limits. To play rationally, it is important to use a certain part of the bank – betting on the entire balance in 12bet sports often results in a complete loss of money.
The strategic line described above is most effective for the following bets:
– a quarter in a basketball match;
– loss of the favourite team in football;
– Totals and draws in a football match on 12 bets.

When not to use overtaking in 12 bet

We strongly advise against using the overturn when betting at 12bet sports is of a random nature, otherwise the user will quickly become bankrupt. A wager should only be made after a careful statistical analysis and consideration of all possible factors. Using this strategy requires a safety cushion in the form of a bank size that can withstand 10 unsuccessful bets at 12bet.

Source: https://12bet-sport.in