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    We all know how important a power plant is for us as it is the primary energy source for your industry, and that’s why the most important thing for our industry. We need to look after the power plant thoroughly, so there are several ways to improve the performance and efficiency of a power plant.… Continue Reading

    The Tuition Tour organisation recently conducted the Seminar in Kolkata for Teachers and Students. In this seminar many eminent Teachers, Education and Philosopher were present in the event In this Seminar the guest was present to grace the occasion were Sri Nemai Ghosh Chairperson Board of Administration, Madhyamgram Municipality, Professor Dr Sibnath Banerjee, Director JIS… Continue Reading

    Odin from the Norse Pantheon was their sovereign god. Odin’s mount was a fast eight-legged white horse known as Sleipnir. In addition, Odin also had two ravens known as Hugin and Muninor which means Thought and Memory. One day while Odin was riding Sleipnir, he reached the world ash tree known as Yggdrasil.  In Norse Cosmology there are nine… Continue Reading

    Scenario:   A restaurant manager has a contract with the restaurant’s owner that he is entitled to eat meals in the restaurant without charge when on duty. The manager lives in a rented apartment above the restaurant with his wife and two children. Generally, the family members eat their meals in the restaurant every day of… Continue Reading

    The Blue-Ribbon Hotel is a busy three-star, mid-scale property located on the outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales and is a convenient ten minutes’ drive from the Kingsford Smith Airport, primarily catering accommodation for the conference and business market. Though, the property has been operational for twenty years, it still has many unresolved issues and… Continue Reading

    Lugh Lámfhota was a hero and a formidable warrior from Irish Myth. He is also known as Lleu in Welsh mythology andLugus in Celtic myth. He had horses and a chariot, that had the magical ability to be able to run on land and water alike and Lugh acquired them by setting the killers of… Continue Reading

    If you are a serious aspirant for IAS then this article is going to be quite effective for you. IAS exam is more of strategy and selection of best study materials to be competitive in the race. Before your exam strategy, You must know about what best study materials or Books are suitable from examination… Continue Reading

    Hill stations are the source of attraction for most tourists. India is lucky to have plenty of hill stations in its northern part. Almost all the hill stations offer adventure tours. Mussoorie is one of the best among them. India’s famous hill station Mussoorie is located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. STC Travels offers… Continue Reading

    In this article, We will talk about the very important component of any Competitive Exams, which is an integral part of the preparation. Students get to know many important things and many of their doubts get cleared by reading newspapers daily. All of your queries related to newspaper reading will be cleared today. First of… Continue Reading

    Various mountainous regions in Northern India attract the attention of tourists. Among them, Ladakh(“the land of high mountain passes”) is one of the best.  Leh, being the main city of Ladakh is mainly situated at 3500m above sea level. The city covers various mountainous ranges including the great Himalayan, Zanskar, Ladakh, and Karakoram ranges. Leh… Continue Reading