Lugh Lámfhota was a hero and a formidable warrior from Irish Myth. He is also known as Lleu in Welsh mythology andLugus in Celtic myth. He had horses and a chariot, that had the magical ability to be able to run on land and water alike and Lugh acquired them by setting the killers of… Continue Reading

The World has been going crazy, and our new normal is getting to be more and more dismal. With things spinning out of control more and more people around the world have been turning to find grounding and a lot of the younger folk are turning to the Tarot. Did you know that the Tarot… Continue Reading

The end of times has always captivated the attention of Mankind. Every religion and culture has had its own notion of how the world will end and there are similarities in all of them. Like the fall of Atlantis (covered in the Tower) most of the cultures agree that just before the end days the… Continue Reading

Casting a Spell is the use of Magic to set Intentions. There is a belief that Spells are a shortcut to what one wants. Nothing could be further from the truth. Casting a Spell is hard work and it is a labor of love. It is an invitation to the spirit world to take your… Continue Reading