Twenteith century has brought about many new changes in India. One among them is the Digital India Revolution. For past couple of years, there has come massive change in the technology as well. People have adopted this change positively. Starting from chatting service, ticketing service, payment service everything has become almost digital now. Starting from morning… Continue Reading

Technology has spread all over the world and people use to technological gadgets that has good as well as bad impacts on their life. We will tell you that why technology is boon and curse for world. Firstly, you all are totally dependent on modern equipment, from the starting of the day till go to… Continue Reading

Continue talking about corporate governance has once again brought the issue of data creation, collection and management. With companies vertically integrating to align their product and service portfolio with market, organizations tend to share their customer data across the organizations. As share-holder make investments decisions and expect corporate governance with ethics and honesty. As nations… Continue Reading

Consumer retails is seeing renewed interest from online e-commerce player. With consumers continue to flocking conventional retail outlets for making their purchase, e-commerce are readying to seize this opportunity and see business case to make investments. With technology spanning both conventional retail, e-commerce and consumers on digital space makes case for timely investments in conventional… Continue Reading

Article 25 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 states that “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.” Source: Democracies frame their governance and policy making process on set of unique values which are… Continue Reading

Entrepreneurs create innovative solutions and offer products and services to niche market places. Social Entrepreneurship involves application of entrepreneurial spirit to ‘Social’ setting. Most of the challenges plaguing social milieu involves non-profit orientation of the business. In the sense, that business creates value which impacts society as a whole or addresses social issues with in… Continue Reading

Reducing greenhouse effect and relying on alternate fuels is on the agenda of all world leaders of developed world. Making a place with better air quality, sustainable future of next generations is the world is presently considering. With melting polar ice caps, rising temperatures , changing patterns in oceanic currents combined with dependence of mankind… Continue Reading

With ready-to-drink milk beverages market seeing changes in consumption patterns and hence buying behavior of your consumers. Consumer goods companies already had planned for this trend in the market and taken pro-active steps to prepare for this opportunity. Typical, NPI or New Product Innovation group will consider standard procedures characterized by Feasibility Study Market Study… Continue Reading

Starting a day with morning cuppa and an e-news delivery provider brings forth spat of management mishaps occurring over India corporations. Government regulations are honored by corporates so they can be a responsible partners of ‘The State’ to enable welfare of the people. A business not creating value for society will be shortlived. Innovation and… Continue Reading

Redefining rail travel: Audio-Visual communication devices making use of electronic circuitry has been in use for decades. However, as the semi-conductor businesses innovated, ability to compress computing power increased (smaller chip sizes); Hardware, Electronic communications companies came up with new set of devices based on software engineering.  There is  an opportunity to integrate  electronic circuitry… Continue Reading