After careful review of taglines of famous mobile phones in market, following marketing preferences come to mind. Consumers have deep desire to stay connected with their product and identify themselves with the device. Adjectives like ‘Sleek’, ’Powerhouse’, ’Back Up’. There’s set of consumers who are more concerned about the battery reserves of their phones. Their… Continue Reading

Starting a day with morning cuppa and an e-news delivery provider brings forth spat of management mishaps occurring over India corporations. Government regulations are honored by corporates so they can be a responsible partners of ‘The State’ to enable welfare of the people. A business not creating value for society will be shortlived. Innovation and… Continue Reading

Redefining rail travel: Audio-Visual communication devices making use of electronic circuitry has been in use for decades. However, as the semi-conductor businesses innovated, ability to compress computing power increased (smaller chip sizes); Hardware, Electronic communications companies came up with new set of devices based on software engineering.  There is  an opportunity to integrate  electronic circuitry… Continue Reading

Unemployment is a major problem of this country. There are dearth of employment opportunities in most of the sectors. Everyone is struggling to get a secured and well-paid job.  Some get success, while some get disappointment. Instead of losing hope and getting depressed, we should try to find out different career options apart from the… Continue Reading

Continuing with our thoughts on the last article, technology has become part and parcel of our lives. All products impacting human lives have a capacity to make a positive impact. However, this impact can very quickly turn into menace if boundaries are not well defined and social context is missed out. Today’s technology specialist and managers… Continue Reading

With floods in Kerala, mounting losses of human lives, livestock, agriculture , collapsing infrastructure, NPA’s in banking system, security situation across the global paints a very gloomy picture of the world affairs.  Indeed, this is not how it’s meant to be. But, let us for a moment stop by and think, what we can do… Continue Reading

If you are in market and looking for budget smartphone under 10000, then it is very difficult to identify which is the best smartphone under your budget.  Recently lots of smartphone have been launched in the market with very good features. Some focuses on 3 or 4 GB RAM, some focuses on camera quality, some… Continue Reading

According to Wikipedia, “a domain is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the internet.” In simple terms, Domain name is a readable web address that refers to an IP address and helps users to access websites or other resources in a convenient way. Domain names have extensions… Continue Reading

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines or computers as opposed to natural intelligence of humans or animals. A.I is nothing but software installed in a machine. That machine can be anything from a computer to a robot and software is nothing but a million lines of code. Some simple examples of A.I are:… Continue Reading

You might have noticed that whenever you create your first Google-mail account, the first mail you get is from  Andy. Here’s how it looks like: So who is Andy?  Andrew E. “Andy” Rubin  is  computer programmer, entrepreneur and an engineer.Rubin became the vice president of Mobile and Digital Content where he looked over the development of Android… Continue Reading