In the hospitality industry, since all businesses target different segment groups for marketing their products, established on their consumer preferences, marketers should cautiously utilize consumer behavior as an important tool to perfectly read their customers, that requires intensive research and good management skills, which ceaselessly changes with time. Hence, this essay will explain the importance… Continue Reading

The Accor group with its headquarters located in France is known as the ‘first operator’ worldwide, which is currently operating ‘3792’ properties across ’92’ nations, containing ‘seventeen’ different brands from ‘economical’ to ‘luxurious’ establishments for targeting different customer segments (AccorHotels, 2016). Being scattered all over the world, this group must function differently in different countries… Continue Reading

Nowadays, since all establishment positions themselves through their targeted segments in the marketplace, the segmentation strategy has heavily impacted the hospitality environment and provided businesses, a major competitive advantage, when delivering the products with its specialized features to fulfill their consumer’s desires and expectations. Therefore, this essay briefly describes the segmentation concept with its major… Continue Reading

Being in the hospitality industry, an important major tool that many five-star hotels use for sustaining good customer relationship management is through delivering excellent customer service. The Investopedia (2015) defines customer service as ‘the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service’, as per each hotel brand’s own standards and procedures, aimed at… Continue Reading