Digital education during COVID-19

Digital education during COVID-19

The Nationwide COVID-19 locked down has forced  all schools and universities to close and send their student overs home which in turn, has impacted 91% of the world’s school population. The closure has placed challenges on government, institutions, teachers, parents and care givers around the world. As a result, Education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of digital learning or Digital education.

Research suggest that online learning has been shown to increase retention of information, and take less time.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed how million of world are educated.

New Solution for education could bring much needed innovation.

Many countries are ongoing to handle this disruption by deploying different modes of learning through a mix of technologies. The move to remote learning has been enabled by several online stack such as google classroom, blackboard, zoom and Microsoft terms, all of which play an important role in this transformation. With the development of ICT in education, online video based micro-courses, digital-books, simulations, copies, graphics, animations, games, e-notes are making learning more accessible, engaging  and contextualized. As the digital learning accerlation continues, it also throws light on digital divide in India. Students from remote districts and those belonging to poor communities lack the infrastructure and the mean to benefits of online learning. Large scale, national efforts to develop technology in support of remote learning, distance education and online learning during the covid-19 pandemic are emerging and evolving quickly. The outburst of the coronavirus pandemic has created immediate and unprecedented challenges in the field of education. All around the world, schools are leveraging exiting platforms from the likes of Google classroom, Microsoft education and conferencing apps like Zoom. Online education, a result of the digital world has brought a lot to the knowledge information at all levels of education, beginning from the preschool up to higher level institutions. The  ensure continuity of receiving education in a secure and healthy contactless environment, the All India Council of  technical education(AICTE) has released a list of e-learning platforms for the students to help learning during the coronavirus lockdown. Digital learning is changing traditional educational ways more and more each time. Culture tools and technology enable scholars to develop actual self-directed learning talent. This increasing their efficiency and productivity. There are various methods of Digital learning as it saves time and money. It is the Digitized content. Today it is on the rise during Covid-19 and will help whole world to run smoothly and comfortably in tough situation.

Digital education during COVID-19

This pandemic has made all the educational institutions across the world to adopt the teaching online. Courses are conducted online, examinations are conducted online, assignments are conducted through email. It has enlarge benefits and today our all education system is based on digital-area and is giving a great scope to be better, smarter and have a master of studies during the difficult situation of Covid-19.It is the resultant impact which is attracting towards achieving our all goals in growth aspect and making us giving positive impact to our knowledge.

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