Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra  was born on 5 April 1978 in Delhi. When Bindra is only at two and a half years old, his father died and his mother has married again. He did not get the love of both parents as a childhood. Till now you would get to know how he sacrifices their full life. His childhood was spent with great difficulty. He completed his education from St. Xavier college Delhi (1999-2001) and did his Integrated MBA degree from one of the famous universities in India I .e. Amity University.

He worked hard a lot and prooved himself by doing great works and helped others too in achieving their goals too. He is a very famous person in the present times and all want to know more about him.

  • Dr. Vivek Bindra is a revolutionary entrepreneur, an Internationally  Motivational Speaker, and a Business Coach.
  • Author of 10 High Power Motivational Books, which are available on Flipkart and Amazon.
  • Known for Creating Most Sought after Content on Leadership Development, which is Helping People across the Globe in achieving their Business Goals.
Dr. Vivek Bindra


  • He is the owner of the World’s Most Subscribed Entrepreneurship YouTube Channel.
  • He is known for creating a free Learning University on YouTube.
  • With 10.1 Million Active Subscribers on YouTube, he is one of the World’s Greatest Influencers.

Business Coach

  • He is an Acclaimed Executive Coach for over Top 100 CEOs in India.
  • He Inspires Millions of People across the globe by training in more than 25 Countries.
  • He is a Trusted Advisor for Over 500 Corporate Houses.

Awards & Honours

  • He bestowed with the Honorary Title of ‘Think Tank of Corporate Asia’ by the World Leadership Federation, Dubai.
  • He got awarded the Best Leadership Trainer in Asia by Marshall Goldsmith at the World HRD Congress.
  • He is awarded the Best Corporate Trainer in India by Maruti Suzuki Consecutively for two years in a row.
  • He is awarded the Best CEO Coach in India by Times of India – Speaking Tree.
  • He is awarded India’s Greatest Brands and Leaders – Pride of the Nation Award in a ceremonial function hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers. (PwC)
  • He holds a place in the Esteemed Golden Book of Records for Training the Largest Gathering of HR Professionals under one Roof on – Can HR Become a CEO?
Dr. Vivek Bindra

The motives of Dr. Vivek Bindra Sir to make the business profit for the businessman who has not so good financial condition. So he decided to forget the tour of foreign and to help the Indian businessman. He started YouTube Channel in 2012, the content in this Channel is easy to understand for the uneducated people in India.

  • Bada Business is an Initiative by Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is a Motivational Speaker and a Renowned Business Coach.
  • Bada Business allows the user to learn ‘Everything about Entrepreneurship’, which is the World’s Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Program.
  • Bada Business provides a lifetime opportunity to learn from Billionaire Trainers like Mr. Mohandas Pai, Mr. Manu Jain, Mr. R.C. Bhargava, and many more like them.
  • With Bada Business, we try to make the Entrepreneurship & Management Education available, accessible, and affordable to Everyone.

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