E-Commerce Ventures into Conventional Retail

Retail and Digital

Consumer retails is seeing renewed interest from online e-commerce player. With consumers continue to flocking conventional retail outlets for making their purchase, e-commerce are readying to seize this opportunity and see business case to make investments. With technology spanning both conventional retail, e-commerce and consumers on digital space makes case for timely investments in conventional retail. However, these two markets are very different. Consumer profiles visiting digital channels and brick and mortar showrooms, expect different experiences while making a purchase.

Product assortment, placement, footfalls , SKU’s, inventory management and corresponding analytics help plan for seasonal spikes in demand and make necessary fulfillments. Online shopping businesses will have User Design, System Performance, Payment Mechanisms, Digital Footprints, One Click shopping as desired features while making a purchase. Once the business is designed around these key metrics, it can increase the chances of customer acquisition and retention. Smartech is poised to make its clients and partner successful. Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Optimization and Ranking mechanisms of the websites can make your business a shopper’s paradise. Our software engineers and testers, user experience, graphic designers have experiences which can make a positive impact to your profitability…..


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