Goal Setting in Life

Goal Setting in Life

Life is the name of interesting moments all of us experience. Now it’s upon us how do we use these moments. A couple of ups and downs come in life but what inspires us to get up early in the morning, work for a whole day and again follow the same schedule regularly??? It’s a passion to live and enjoy life. More of it, this passion comes once we set a Target or Goal in our life. Goal setting in life is very important for everyone. Now let’s understand the best example of Goal from the game of Football. Most of you would be an aficionado of Football but just imagine a game of football without having goalpost. Why do players do so much of struggle on the ground?


To hit the goal and win the game

Let’s know about Goal Setting in Life –

Goal setting in life

If there would be no goalpost in football, no wickets in cricket these games would have no meaning. Similarly, our life must have a goal upon which we must focus. The goal is something that is not pre-defined. You have the right to set it. It varies from person to person. For someone, the goal could be to become an IAS officer, to serve the country while for others it could be to enjoy a happy life.

How can we define the Goal as a whole?

A goal is an idea or desired result of the future that we set today and plan accordingly to achieve it. We also set a finite time to acquire this goal which can be said as a deadline. Goal setting in life needs really lot of struggle as it is the stepping stone your future.

Goal v/s Aim

Many of the times, we get confused between Goal and Aim as both are almost similar. There is a hairline difference between Goal and Aim. The goal is a set target you want to achieve while Aim is the course of action you take to achieve that goal.

Why Goal is so Important?

You might have seen most of the successful people had set a goal much earlier, worked too hard for it and then they achieved that. It simply illustrates that goal setting is very important to give you a long term vision and short term motivation. Once you set a particular goal, you centralize your knowledge, wisdom, energy, time, and resources to achieve that goal. It’s all about the focus we can say in simpler terms.

What happens after Goal Setting?

The goal once set properly aligns you completely. You are now bound to stick towards perfect habit, action, plan which will lead you to success. Success does not come so easy, you have to do hard work to achieve it. Achieving your goal could be a success for you. So after goal setting just bring positive changes within you and focus upon all those actions which will dedicate you to achieve your desired goal.

Purpose of Goal Setting

It’s very important to know the purpose before planning or doing anything. Now it’s interesting and wonderful to know the exact purpose of Goal setting. Once we set the goal we are very much organized, dedicated to what we should do, and what we shouldn’t. But always try to be very clear and specific towards your goal. Goal setting in life must be done with full focus. For example, if we want to become a cricketer, it’s good but if we focus more and set the goal to become a batsman it would be a more clear goal. Now we can dedicate our heart and soul to practice about different batting techniques and can skip bowling and other things that do not relate to your batting skills. Thus goal provides us a Purpose, Direction we are bound to follow. It helps to motivate us and calculate ourselves at each step. Overall it’s a metric to measure ourselves.

Example of some Life Goals

To understand anything more deeply, examples have always been the best source. Let’s take some of the examples of life goals people set…These are based on the author’s personal opinion which may vary from person to person.

1. Living a happy life with family & relatives.

2. Maintain our health properly.

3. Financial stability.

4. Social Responsibility.

5. Build a career & get satisfied…etc

How to do Goal Setting

Once you make up your mind for setting the goal, you have to be very very careful. The goal is something that will put pressure on your mind every second. While you set the goal focus on these key points:-

1. Make the goal too clear. It must be having a clear vision you can say.

2. Write your goal properly. It can be done in a diary, notebook, or notes of the phone.

3. Make a cascading plan to achieve the goal.

4. Better to make a do’s and don’t along with goal.

5. Give yourself small targets and rewards once you compile it properly.

6. Revise the plans if needed and go-ahead to hit that goal.


You should set SMART goals in your life. It is one of the greatest way of goal setting in life. SMART indicates (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bounded). Now your action and decision follows these SMART criteria.

The goal can be either short term or long term. Once you set the goal, decide what’s your short term goal and what’s your long term goal. Once you divide the goal based on the time factor, it becomes quite easy to achieve it and your mind also gets balanced. To get 90% marks in the 10th board can be a short term goal for a student and becoming a successful businessman could be a long term goal.

If you are not clear about goal setting in life do take suggestions from your family members, relatives, teachers, mentors, friends, etc. Don’t get too many suggestions too as it may confuse you at the same time. Listen to all but the last decision should be what suits best for your inner-me. You know yourself very well.  What you can achieve, what you can accomplish, what you can do no one other than you know. Goal setting is the biggest challenge. Do accept it to give a purpose to your life.

Whether it’s your personal or professional goal you must eye on it regularly. Try to stay away from all kinds of distractions. If you want to achieve the goal & get the word success in your life you have to make the impossible also possible. That’s how I can motivate you through words. Next, your goal will motivate you, inspire you at each step of your life. All the very best..!!!

Set the Goal & Hit the Goal…!!!

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Goal Setting in Life by Avinash Tiwari
 Avinash Tiwari 
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