How to Face Group Discussion & Debate?

GD & Debate

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It is very good and beneficial for you that you are reading our blogs and learning something new. So, you’re most welcome in our today’s blog. Today, we’ll discuss the most important topic GD & Debate, and learn some tips that can help you crack any GD & Debate. These tips will make you confident and you can enjoy attending it.

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For hiring a suitable and perfect candidate, companies conduct several rounds to check the skills of that candidate on the basis of well-defined parameters. GD(Group Discussion) & Debate are the best hiring process for companies nowadays. As you know, GD & Debate are the mostly eliminating rounds for candidates in companies. Hence, In many companies, GD & Debate is the first criteria for screening candidates’ skills before interviews. Therefore, companies give huge importance to GD & Debate for hiring new candidates.

GD & Debate are the most important for everyone’s life. It is most useful for career, business, higher studies as well as entrance examinations. In GD & Debate, recruiters usually check candidates’ communication skills, leadership skill, management skill, knowledge & ideas about the topic, exchange of thoughts, body language, attitude and confidence, etc.

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It is quite hard to clear GD & Debate round from time to time. But, in reality, it is not so much hard as it seems. Follow these tips to clear your GD & Debate round easily.

GD & Debate

What is GD & Debate?

Group discussion is a discussion within a group of people on a particular topic or subject. It is an exchange of information, views about a particular topic with one another.

A Debate is a kind of competition where 2 or more than two participants present their views. In this, there are two parts of views- positive and Negative. Some participants will speak the positive side of the particular topic and some other will speak about the negative side.

Follow these useful tips…

#Maintain the Eye Contact

Maintaining the eye-contact is very important in any discussion. Your eye contact should not only with a particular person in the GD & Debate. You must keep eye contact with every team member while you speaking. Look at all confidentially and speak. It is also judged by the recruiters during the GD & Debate.

#Be Aware about Topic

It’s very important to know about the topic or subject you are going to talk about. If you have no knowledge about that topic then you are not going to clear GD round definitely. So, before going to GD & Debate round, prepare yourself in-depth about the topic. Also, make some analysis of your field in which role you have applied.

#Listen Carefully

Listening is the essential skill for the GD & Debate round. So, listen carefully what others are saying. It will add some value to your content and analytical cum logical skills. Also, give chance to others for speaking. Speak less and listen more! So, pay close attention and wait for your turn.

#Speak “To The Point

When you speak about any topic or subject in the GD & Debate, you should speak to the point without the useless content. Your point should be very clear and must be understood by other participants and recruiters. Also, express some facts and figures related to the topic. It will add more value to your content.

#Focus on Quality not Quantity

Speak relevant content only. It doesn’t matter how much you speaking but how valuable content you are giving, it matters the most. So, focus on quality while you speaking. Also, elaborate your points through examples and some statistical data. It is great way of describing about any topic clearly.

#Speak Clearly

Your voice should be very clear and understandable to others. You should have a good command of your speaking skill. Don’t be over aggressive while speaking. Stay positive and speak clearly & sensibly!

#Avoid Blaming or Putting Fingers on Others

This is a very common mistake that participants do in the GD & Debate and hence they get rejected. Putting fingers on others is a negative point. It doesn’t matter that you are in favor or in against. Maybe you won’t agree with someone’s views. You can keep your views regarding the topic but can not do argument at the same point. So, don’t blame or put fingers on others.

#Don’t create Fish Market

In GD & Debate, usually all the participants start saying something at one point of time. At this moment, no one wants to listen all. It is like a noisy and fish market, not a good discussion. In GD & Debate, you must follow certain rules & regulations. It will be better to keep quiet and listen when only one participant are speaking. Gather some valuable content and keep your views when your turn comes.

#Have Patience

Don’t interrupt someone’s speech. If one participant is speaking then rest participants should listen carefully rather than interrupting. It is taken in a bad manner. If you do not agree with other’s views then wait & put your views politely. After completing their speech, you can raise your hand and speak whatever you want. Overall, you should have patience while GD & Debate is going on.

#Use Opportunities

It is the best way to make a good impression on recruiters and chances of hiring gets increased. If you have knowledge about the topic then use opportunities to speak among the people in the GD & Debate. When you’ll speak more you will be able to influence recruiters and other participants easily.

#Have Positive Attitude

Display positive attitude and confidence on your face during the GD & Debate. Stay calm, compost and use body language when required. Also, show interest in the discussion.

#Use Body Language

For expressing any topic in better way, use your body language like eye contact, gestures, nodding etc. It is a very important tool for making others understand properly in GD & Debate. So, use body language but it should be done confidently. Your gestures, postures, movements, hand expression etc should be good and sensible. Body language will make your discussion easy and enjoyable.

#Have Impressive Communication Skills

You may have good knowledge about the given topic and if your communication skill is not well then all is useless. You should have good command over communication skills. Your communication skills should be very impressive and magnetic. Then, Participants and recruiters will take interest in your content. So, develop it gradually.

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#Bounce Back

Usually it happens during the GD or Debate that you do not have idea about any particular topic and you start feeling nervous. It also happens that you spoke something wrong. But it is not the end point as you are judged till the last moment. If you feel that you have good content to say in the middle then bounce back properly, gather confidence and start saying the content. It may add value to you. Try this technique always.

Now, you must be familiar with some useful tips to clear Group Discussion & Debate. No one wants to fail. Therefore, analyze yourself “What are the weaknesses you have?” and start to develop these skills. Follow all the above tips and tricks. We can assure you that you can clear your GD & Debate round definitely.

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