How to get rid of distractions in Life…?

How to get rid of distractions in Life…?

Human life is considered to be the luckiest on this earth. It takes years and years to get this life… usually we have read these during our school lives. We enjoy the moments whether it is good or bad. We all plan something in our life, whether is Goal or some target to achieve. But one thing that acts as an obstacle or hindrance in between is the distraction. It makes our mind to blow in another direction. Let’s talk in this article “How to get rid of Distractions in life”.

It’s always said that to solve any problem we need to reach the root cause of the problem. Let’s take an example of any maths numerical where we stuck in between and unable to find the desired or correct solution. At that moment we find out the mistakes very deeply. We try multiple possibilities of errors like –

1. We read the question again and again.

2. We check the formulas once again.

3. We check the numerical values again.

4. We check the calculation again…

Like this, there could be other possibilities as well. If we compare the same situation with our life, it fits well. The question of maths is similar to our life, the answer that should come as a solution in maths is similar to the target or goal we want to achieve in our life, and the point at which we stuck while solving the question is similar to the distraction we face in our life. I think now it would be more clear for you to identify what exactly distraction is.

Let’s try our hands to find the solution to distraction. Before knowing anything, you should know yourself very well. Now your question would be ——” How?”

To know yourself, you have to spend time with yourself. Try to find what suits you, what hurts you, what you like, what you dislike, what you want, what you don’t want, why you are doing so much labor etc… Once you start finding the answer to such questions, it means you are knowing yourself gradually.

Come on to the exact point now…Since you know yourself quite well now, try to find the list of all those activities which distract you. Let’s take out some general activities which distract most of the people. (It’s as per Author’s Opinion):-

1. Using phones too much.

2. The notification of the phone.

3. Any friend’s call.

4. Any music or noise.

5. Any urgent work in between.

6. When we are scolded by someone.

7. Watching YouTube videos.

8. Our friend’s circle …

There could be many more… Distraction may vary from person to person. Like someone loves music while reading or doing any work while others may get distracted through it. Similarly list down all the activities which distract you in life and make a priority A, B, C among it.

Priority A :- Which can be removed immediately.

Priority B :- Which can be removed in few days.

Priority C :- which takes long time.

If you focus deeply, you will be able to find that few activities which lead to distraction can be removed instantly while few take a long time. If you are addicted to something, then it won’t go in one or two days. Like if you feel sleepy while studying at night or early morning, then you have to work on the solution for a long time.

Source of distraction is with you along with its priority, now think & write the possible solution which may stop you from getting distracted. You may take suggestions from your family members, friends, or any other mentors. Once you are done with it, start working on Priority A immediately. If you conquer over these, you will automatically get confidence to move forward to Priority B and henceforth to Priority C as well. If you are truly dedicated to this issue and following my guidelines, you will be able to get rid of distractions easily.

There are few other activities which everyone should follow to stop themselves from getting distracted:-

1. Stop Digital pressure. Turn off useless websites, apps, videos, etc which distract you.

2. Take breaks in between of your work or while doing anything.

3. Turn off Notifications of Phone.

4. Focus on Physical health. Do exercise, Yoga, Meditation on daily basis.

5. Make a To-Do list with priority (High, Normal, Low) and follow the task as per priority.

6. Stay away from Negative people.

7. Control your mind in all situations.

8. Set the timeline for each work. Follow it very very strictly.

9. Always maintain a positive attitude toward everything.

10. Close the door when you are inside the room.

11. Take morning/evening walk & talk to yourself at least once in a day.

12. Calculate your life sometimes. Find out whether you are on the right track or not.

13. Always keep the Mission, Vision & Goal in your life. Better to stick it somewhere on a wall or use wallpaper on desktop or mobile phone which inspires you.

14. Don’t try to do multiple tasks at one point in time. You can’t eat 10 foods at one time.

15. Try to divide the task to the smallest level. It will give you more clarity.

16. Control your internal distraction. Focus on your senses.

17. Don’t focus on those things which are not in your hand or which you can’t change.

18. Accept the change in life. But mind it, the change must be positive.

19. Bring consistency within yourself.

20. Don’t take too much stress or tension. Be cool & practical always.

21. Turn off your Internet or Wi-Fi if it distracts you often.

22. Clear all the garbage thoughts from your mind.

21. Make and follow a routine in life. It will align you completely.

22. Don’t think too much about others. It will make you worried.

23. Don’t think too much about the past or future. Focus on Present. Be in the present & enjoy the present.

24. Take a deep breathe when you feel you are getting distracted.

25. Ask people to give you privacy. It helps you a lot to be with yourself.

26. Take proper sleep every day. (Approx 6 to 8 hours)

27. Remove temptations from yourself.

28. Use headphones while watching any important videos or tutorials.

29. Use antivirus to clear your cache frequently.

30. Adjust your workplace or surrounding. Have positive vibes from all around.

Try to follow these common activities which can make you stay far away from distractions. Always fit one thing in mind – “You can do anything & everything You want”. Distractions are temporary so there is nothing much to worry about it. You can easily kick off these breakers in the journey of your life. Stop Worrying & Start Implementing. I wish you all the success in your life.

If you like this article, do comment with your thoughts. It inspires me & also helps to know your understanding.

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  1. It’s a very useful Article for every person. Who is working or without working everyone get distracted in their own lives, then they get problem also, even they con’t find their solution of problems. If they follow these steps of article then they can solve their problems, because these article helps me a lots to chenge my mind.
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