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effective way to grow youtube channel

YouTube: The King of Search Engine is the collection of doors of Opportunity. It is like a diamond treasure and everyone is running in the crowd to get the diamond treasure. YouTube is one of the famous video search engines in the entire world. It gave the vision to see the world from a new perspective. Even a 2 year of child can surf YouTube by seeing its logo only. So you can assume how user friendly it is. YouTube is the human’s one of the mind-blowing creation which can make you a star or a dumb in one day, it totally depends upon you.

Before proceeding further let’s know why we have told YouTube is the collection of doors of Opportunity.

As we all know that India has many hidden potentials that are really hidden. Because they don’t know how to show off the talent in front of the world. It was a myth that to show your talent you will have to cross many levels of challenges and it will take your lots of effort and time. But here YouTube comes with an open door of opportunity where you can show your talent globally without investing a huge amount of money. It only takes your dedication, efforts and proper technique. The best thing is that… it is free for everyone. A housewife can be a famous master chef on YouTube by showing her talent. A street boy can be a famous singer or dancer on YouTube. If you are good at comedy then you can put a smile in the face of millions of viewers. In simple ways you can show any kind of talent in front of the world by having a single YouTube channel.

So, If you have a YouTube channel and want to grow your channel then read each and every step carefully. Recommended: Don’t read only chunk points.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel then start your channel as soon as possible.

You have seen many channels on YouTube. Some of them are famous and some of them are average. Have you ever thought why??? They also put the same effort and give proper time then why do they become average??? The only reason behind this is proper technique. Let’s understand it by the example of the share market. To grow in the share market you have to give your time, effort, hard work and the most important thing technique. YouTube also needs proper technique. The way of technique may be different but the principal of the technique will always remain the same.

So my dear reader, Understand each point in depth and I assure you, after reading this blog you will get the easy and effective technique to grow your channel at the pick.

Before Knowing the proper technique ask yourself…

Why have you come to YouTube???
What is your niche???

We all know that YouTube gives a handsome amount of money but if you have created a YouTube channel with a motto to earn money then I’ll recommend you to drop your plan and give your channel a unique direction. Because everyone needs something. People will visit your channel if you are giving something to them. Your YouTube channel should be a proper niche. For example, if your niche is a comedy then always put comedy video, if your niche is technology then always put a technical video in your channel. The proper niche will give you identity so that users can subscribe to your channel. Always remember… without identity, no one is going to subscribe you.

Now come to the technique.

1. Keyword Research

When it’s come to channel growth. Keyword Research plays an important role. It helps to let your channel fly like a rocket. So, put some effort to find the best keyword for each and every video. Here are a few techniques from where you can research the best keywords for your video.

✓ Type your title of the video in YouTube search and Google search and note down the suggestions.

✓ Use VidIQ Extension It works well and gives you the best keyword suggestion.

✓ Choose Keywords having low Competition.

✓ Use tany keyword planner tool (eg: Google Keyword Planner)

2. Optimize the Video:

Well, you have done the Keyword Research process in depth. Now it’s time to use the keywords in videos and also optimize the video.

✓ Create a separate playlist for separate types of videos. Don’t mix it in a single playlist.

✓ Give your video a perfect title. The title should be as per the keyword research. Do a brainstorming and find the relevant videos on YouTube. Analyze their Title and choose the best one.

✓ Feed the keywords in the video description also. It will help YouTube to rank you on top.

✓ Add Endscreen to the end of the video to promote your other video, playlist, or websites.

✓  Design an attractive thumbnail for your video. Most people open your video by seeing your thumbnail. So Keep it simple, attractive, and user friendly. 

3. Maintain Consistency:

Consistent video posting can help your channel to perform well according to the YouTube Algorithm. So post your video in a consistent manner.

4. Edit your Video:

Editing of the videos plays with the human mind. If your video quality is poor then no one is going to watch you. It’s 2020 now, everything is updating nowadays. You will also have to update yourself otherwise you will lose the race.

  ✓ Intro should be short and attractive.

✓ Start your video with attractive punchline

✓ Manage brightness and contrast of the video in a good manner.

✓ Remove unwanted sound from the video. Make it soothing.

5. Upload Series wise video:

Generally, people don’t focus on this point but it is the key to convert your viewers into subscribers. People will not subscribe to you only for one video. If your videos fulfill his/her requirement then only he/she will subscribe to your channel.

6. Collaboration:

Collaborate with other YouTubers to drive their traffic into your channel. To collaborate, simply go to about section of any YouTube channel and find out the contact info of that owner. Simply send your proposal via Call/WhatsApp or Mail. If the owner of that video finds your channel helpful then he will definitely collaborate with you.

7. Analytics:

Analytics is a very important tool to analyze your channel or a video. It will help you to analyze the technique that you’re doing in a good direction or not. Analytics will also help you to know about who is watching your video and how they can get more views and better engagement. 

YouTube depends on the individual race. Either you will win or be average but never lose. I hope this article will help your channel to grow in a pick point. If you have any queries or doubts, ask in the comment box. We’re always there to support you.

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