How to read Newspaper for cracking competitive Exams?

How to read Newspaper for cracking competitive Exams

In this article, We will talk about the very important component of any Competitive Exams, which is an integral part of the preparation. Students get to know many important things and many of their doubts get cleared by reading newspapers daily. All of your queries related to newspaper reading will be cleared today.

First of all, Definitely, the first thing that comes to the mind of the students is “Which newspaper to read”?There are many general newspapers available in the market for competitive exams. Some students read ‘The Hindu’ newspaper, some students read ‘Indian Express’. Apart from these two newspapers, many newspapers are available in the market. It depends on the student which one they like to read the newspaper. Both the newspaper are equally important from the exam point of view. Most of the students want to cover up by reading magazines but you must know newspaper gives you must important perspective.

The second question that arises in the mind of students “How much time should be given to read the newspaper”? When the students start reading the newspaper in the beginning, they spend 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. If you cover page to page, of course, it will take time. Take the time of approx 1 hour to read the newspaper thoroughly. Don’t give much more time to read useless stuff. If you are habituated to reading the newspapers, it will take less time since you already know what to read and what to skip.

The third query of students is “What to Read”? Newspaper has the most important perspective to understand the “issues”. As we know that in ‘Hindu Newspaper’ there are total 14 page, so even if we read the entire newspaper in the whole day, then it will not be covered completley. Hence it is the most important thing for students to know what are the important news for examination. Rest you can skip.

The important portion in Newspaper:

  1. International: Any international issues you most read for GK.
  2. Environmental
  3. Important decisions of Supreme Court and High Court
  4. Policies of Government
  5. Social issues (related to children and women empowerment)
  6. Health and Medical issues
  7. Constitution: Related to any Article and Amendment

What not to read; 

  1. Party News (like politics)
  2. Crime
  3. Pending cases in SC and HC
  4. Minister viewpoints

Technique to read Newspaper:  FEBESW

  • F: Front Page
  • E: Editorial
  • B: Business
  • E: Economic
  • S: Science
  • W: World

When you start reading the newspaper, take the first 2 minutes to go through the entire newspaper and cut all the news which is not relevant for your exams. While reading, you have to make Mind Maps which will relate all the things with your mind. Make one-liner notes, as this will help you to revise efficiently and in less amount time. Try to use only keywords and not the complete statement. After reading, try to do both weekly and monthly revision of your mind map notes, so that you are not over-burdened before exam.

If you çontinue to practice newspaper reading like this, definitely you will reap the maximum benefits of reading the newspaper.

“Keep calm and study like Granger”. Best of Luck!

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