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When the name “Mussoorie” comes into our mind, our mind becomes enthusiastic. It starts interpreting a lot of new ideas, new places, new memories, etc. Located in the northern part of India, Mussoorie is the center of attraction for most tourists. Mussoorie tour is like bringing soul in the body. Among all the best places to visit in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie maintains its own charm.

Do you know – The place is also called “Queen of Hills”? A lot of noticeable mountains and hills can be seen while you take a trip to this destination. The place attracts tourists across the world to see its scenic beauty. Access most of the beauty of this area and store it with you for the rest of your life.

The best Places to visit in Mussoorie are:-

1. Nag Devta Temple:- The temple as its name state is dedicated to Nag Devta (Lord Shiva). The famous temple is located on Cart Mackanzie Road. Take a ride once you plan to visit Mussoorie.

2. Lake Mist:- When you are about to reach Kempty Falls (nearly 5kms away), you can experience the starting of this great Lake Mist.

3. Jwala Devi Temple:- The temple is located in Bengong Tibba which is at an altitude of 2240m. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. It’s very near to Mussoorie (9 Kms away).

4. Mussoorie Lake:- The lake is the center of attraction of Mussoorie. Most of the visitors go to this place for a picnic and boating. The night view of this lake is super heart-stirring. You can never forget the beauty of this place.

5. Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple:- This is a cave temple located in the outskirts of the main city around 40 km c.away. The temple is fully dedicated to Lord Shiva. One amazing thing is that the water is believed to be dropping on shrines naturally. Hot water springs are present around which adds to the beauty of this divine place.

6. Happy Valley:- The place has many lures – the place has itself a grandeur to look at. It also leads to Cloud’s End and Hathipaon Park Estate. The place has an amazing Library, IAS Academy, Tibetan Temple, and Municipal Garden.

7. Shedup Choepelling Temple:- The famous Tibetan temple is meant for the peaceful engagement of the population.

8. Tapovan:- This is the place where Guru Dhronacharya (a famous character of Epic Mahabharata) did his penance. Lot of people go to this place by trekking which gives immense pleasure. The trekker does not let go of such a famous opportunity.

9. Christ Church:- It is believed to be the oldest church in the Himalayan region. Constructed in 1836, the church has Gothic design architecture.

10. Surkanda Devi Temple:- The temple is beautiful attracting most of the visitors. The temple demands trek of 2 Km before one gets to see the deity represented by the stone sculpture.

11. Lakha Mandal:- A lot of idols have been found by the Archeological Survey of India in this village. These draw the attention of believers of Shakti and Shiva as well as historian interested people. Located approx 80 kms, the Graphite Lingam is also one the top attraction of this place.

12. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary:- The wildlife sanctuary is mostly visited by the people who take the tour to Mussoorie. The peaks like Chaukhamba, Banderpoonch, and Fine Forests are the home for most of the animals and birds residing at high altitude which is found in this sanctuary.

13. Lal Tibba:- Located at the peak or we can say the highest point of Mussoorie, the place-Lal Tibba has a namesake at a little lower altitude, which is the well-known point to spend picnics.

14. Gun Hill:- Most of the people used to do firing of cannons from the top of the hills. It was watched by most of the residents thus the name of the hill was given “Gun Hill”. To reach here, ropeway and trekking are mostly used.

15. Jaspal Rana Shooting Range:- The moment of winning of the medal by Olympian Jaspal Rana attracted most of the people to become shooters like him. The Jaspal Rana Shooting Range is famous and is loved by most of the top-class shooters. Just visit once if you are an aficionado of it.

We have stated only a few places of Mussoorie, although there are other places to visit as well. Once you plan for Mussoorie Tour, just be relaxed and take an elongated vacation. The place will heal your heart and mind with a lot of joy. Cheers to all of you..!!

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