Failure vs Success

Success refers to the accomplishment of a particular goal whereas failure refers to the inability to accomplish a particular goal. Success is not last, failure is not final: the only thing that tallies and is ever is your courage to continue-Winston Churchill.

When you do something, you have a target of achieving, completing, or changing a thing. The Real-Life form of those outlooks is called Success. Success is good but failure is better.  You must not let successes get to your crown but also must not let failure ingest your heart. At least with the failure option, you are that much nearer to realizing your goal. Failure also gives you true confidence relatively than untrue confidence. Successes that are easy often leave lots of scope for failure—because the success has made you feel that not anything could go wrong.

Failure vs Success

Because when we fail, we feel like anything but a success.

And don’t give me the Thomas Edison thousand tries to make a light bulb story. I know that he failed hundreds of times before he got it right and thanks to his tenacity and determination we have a great invention. But that was him and I’m not an inventor.

Self-improvement can be a real struggle for people who don’t cope well with failure. Why?

Because even self-improvement requires us to fail forward.  Improving requires learning, failing, and change. So those who are afraid of failure hunker down in a self-described safety zone and stop growing. If they stay in one place treading water, they don’t have to worry about failure right?

Failure has some benefits.

  • Failure teaches lessons. It can be an effective teacher. …
  • It keeps us hungry and humble.
  • Failure helps us overcome fear.
  • It recommits us to our goals.
  • Failure inspires creative solutions.
  • Failure strengthens our support System.
  • Failure makes us more valuable mentors.

There are some of the traits of a successful failure are-

Optimism:-Find the benefit in every bad experience.

Responsibility:-Change your response to failure by accepting responsibility.

Resilience:-Say Good bye to everything.

Initiative:- Take action and face your fear.

Failure vs Success

You have to deal with failure in a positive way and can help you work harder to find better solutions so that you will improve next time. So go ahead and embrace your emotions. Acknowledge how you are feeling and let yourself feel bad for a bit. Tag your emotions and permit yourself to practice them.

There are various habits which teach how to overcome failure in a positive way which is as follows-

  • Ever tried
  • First, just accept how you feel.
  • Remember you are not a failure just because you had a setback.
  • Be constructive and learn from this situation.
  • Remind yourself anyone who wants to do the things of value in life will fail.
  • Let it out into the light.
  • Find inspiration and support from your world.

There are many ways to handle failure at Work like build your self-confidence, Keep Calm, and face reality.

 C.S Lewis:-“Failures are finger pillars on the highway to accomplishment.

“I can admit failure, everyone fails at somewhat But I can’t receive not trying.-Michael Jordan.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again, Fail better.”

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