Teachers and Doctors are the best person on the Earth


Teachers and Doctors are the most important people on Earth. A teacher is a person who gives the knowledge to others for knowing about something and Doctor gives the medicine and guidelines to the patients for their better life and save the life of patients. That’s why we always compare Doctors with God. Teachers are the Second parents for everyone’s life on Earth. Our parents are also a teacher.

Now, at first let’s talk about Teachers, Why we all go to school? Because in school there are many teachers who help us to know “how to live life”. Teachers are everywhere– From whom we get to learn anything, they are our teachers. It will not be wrong to say that Teachers have the power to make or break our lives. All the qualities are possessed in the good teachers that should be in every human. A teacher is the best to guide in anyone’s life. He/she teaches us dedicatedly to make our future bright and successful. Our life is not complete without a good teacher. Our teachers play a great role in society as they prepare good future citizens for the country. They teach us important lessons of life and develop confidence within us to fight any challenges in life. “A teacher is like candles who spend the whole life in giving lights to many students”. What is the future of any person that only depends on his teachers?

Now, talk about Doctors, Why do we go to the hospital? Because in the hospital there are many doctors who give medicine and guidelines for our good health. Our diseases end up because of doctors. Those who taught anatomy, medicine, and other health-related disciplines are called doctors. A doctor is also a type of teacher. We all know that “Health is Wealth”. So, if we have some health and mind related problems then we go to the doctors and gain again good health. A doctor sees pain, death, suffering on a daily basis but they provide only care and cure. A doctor is a person next to god.

Doctors and teachers know much more than about the lives of patients and persons. Doctors and teachers take an oath to care for people to the best of their ability as their profession. Both make society better. That’s why we can say that “Teachers and Doctors are the best people on Earth.

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  Bharat Kumar


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