Try to be healthy from inside not only from outside

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“Health is Wealth”….we all have heard this adage. But how many of us actually believe this?  Only few of us understand the importance of being healthy.  Undoubtedly, health is the biggest asset for man. If one is not healthy, one cannot enjoy life. Even if you have a big bank balance, a loving family and relatives, all the luxuries, but if you are not healthy then all these become futile. Because your health issues will not allow you to enjoy them.

We should always prioritize our health., A good lifestyle, no unhealthy habits, physical activities, healthy eating habits all these contribute for the maintenance of a healthy body. But does being healthy only refers to your external well-being?? The answer is ‘no’. If you are the possessor of a fit body, it is not necessary that you are a healthy person. Because health comprises both external and internal components. Thus, being healthy means to be fit and active from not only outside but also inside.

In order to keep yourself healthy from inside, you should keep yourself mentally and emotionally healthy. We all are familiar with the things like avoiding junk foods, exercising daily or ensuring hygiene for our physical well-being. But few of us practice things which promotes our mental health.

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In the present times, where people have super hectic lives, work and personal life stress, and social media pressure, its difficult to take care of your mental well-being. But it is important. For keeping yourself mentally fit it is important to de clutter your mind. For this you should meditate for at least half an hour daily and with practice you should try to increase this time span.  You should avoid taking excessive work load and you should not let your professional life meddle in your personal life. These days another factor which leads to depression or mental illness is the excessive use of social media. Try to use social media platforms in a limited way and do not become addicted to them. Rather try to connect and interact with people in the real world.

From your busy schedule take out some time for you. Do the things which make you happy. Have an optimistic view towards life. Surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook on life. Always keep yourself motivated in life. Seek happiness in even little events of life. Take proper sleep, it rejuvenates you for another hectic day. Most importantly, never ignore your internal health it is as important as your external health.

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