Useful Apps for Student

Useful Apps for students

The Android Apps are handholding friends or gadgets for the students. It always gives us many things without any expectations. In the 21st century, Android Apps are the most valuable unit in everyone’s life. These Apps make our work easier and never deny our commands.

The world is changing, everything is running fast. Especially if we talk about students, they are becoming more faster. They are innovative and visionary. They always try to find smart gadgets which make them faster and advanced. Nowadays almost every student use apps not only for entertainment but also for education. Here are the list of top 10 Android Apps which help them study efficiently in 2020.


As a student, you will never think to miss any important task. But due to a busy schedule, you often miss your important task. Here Evernote is a boon which will help you to complete all the task in your comfort time. Here you can add a list of tasks and categorize it priority wise. Evernote is just like the personal assistant of a student which reminds you to complete the task on time.

Hinkhoj Dictionary-

Just imagine you are reading an article of The Hindu and suddenly you see an unknown word that you don’t know. Then you get irritated and stop reading the article at that time. It might happen with you. But you will never stop reading only because of unknown words. That’s why a dictionary takes an important place in every student’s life. But as a student, it is difficult to carry a dictionary everywhere. So, here Hinkhoj dictionary is the perfect solution of your query. There are lots of dictionaries available in the app store but I’ve suggested Hinkhoj only because of its accuracy and dual-language output. Means here you get output from Hindi to English and vice versa.

Online Classes App-

Google Classroom, google meet, jio meet, zoom, unacademy, udemy, etc. You are hearing this name from some days regularly. Already you are aware of these apps still I recommend you if you have not used these apps till now then use it soon. The world is transforming towards the digital era. Everything is updating itself, we must have to upgrade ourselves. These apps are boon for students who are unable to go to top cities for higher education. Now you can study from the top institutes by sitting at your own place.
Many schools and colleges have started to give an assignment in google classroom. They use Google Meet, Jio meet, or Zoom for the digital meetings.
Unacademy, Udemy, Byju, etc are the just like the digital institute where you can enroll yourself and can start studying by sitting in your own place.

WPS Office-

Almost all the handouts, assignments, certificates we get in digital form. For opening these document we need a desktop or laptop. But as we all know we are lying in the technical era. We don’t need computers for each type of work. WPS Office is the most popular android app which is used for working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and pdfs. Here you can edit, read, and create the document. You can also save the document in the pdf format.

Google translate-

When we talk about digital translation, only Google translate comes in our mind. It is the most widely used app by the students for language translation. Here you can translate any language from any other language. For example, you can translate Hindi to English and English to Hindi.

Google Drive-

The most trusted online storage or you can say cloud storage. No need to say that Oops I’ve forget my document… or I’m not finding my document etc. Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage where you can upload all your important documents, signature, pics, etc with the help of a single Gmail account. You can access your file from everywhere and the best thing is that you get 15 GB space absolutely free.

myHomework Student Planner-

Get all your classes and assignment under one single app. myHomework Student planner gives you options to track your assignments, projects, tests, classes, etc. This app also sends you a due date reminder for your upcoming classes, projects, and tests.

Share All for data transfer-

After banning all the Chinese Apps, we really started to miss the Share it app for data transfer. Because it was one of the best apps for data transfer. But we all know if there is a problem, there is also a solution. ShareAll is the best replacement of Shareit. You can share your data from one device to another device using wifi or Bluetooth. It is having good connectivity and faster speed. In a simple word, Share All is the clone of ShareIt.

Adobe Scanner-

Adobe Scanner is a gift from Adobe to make the student life easier. It is a free document scanning app with integrated OCR technology to instantly recognize printed text and handwriting. With this App, you can scan any type of document and make pdf of that and can share that via mail or other social sites.


I know you are good in Spoken English. But can you write correctly? If yes, then perfect… If no, then no need to worry. Here Grammarly is your pocket English Teacher which helps you to write the correct words and sentences. Now no need to ask the spelling from anyone, just type some words of your spelling, and the Grammarly will correct you.

So, I’ve filtered the top 10 Android Apps for you, now use these Apps and give your feedback in the comment section. Also, do share this article with all of your friends. Your love always gives us strength. Show your love by commenting below if you need any more help or support from us. We are always there to support you.
Thank you.

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