Water problem in India

In this modern day to day busy life, we usually face different types of water problems. sometimes we don’t get water, sometimes we get polluted water & sometimes we see irregular rainy season in India these are the common problems which we usually face in our day to day life. If we talk in detail then we get multiple points that what type of water problem we face in India.

For ex- if we talk about ground-water we can say that the layer of water inside the ground is decreasing day by day, this happens due to lack of plantation of the tree because the root of the tree helps to drain & collect the water inside the earth surface.

Another water problem is an industrial problem.  The waste of Industries is thrown into the river & this cause water pollution which is dangerous to our health. In other ways industries also use more water to produce something. It means industries are the main cause of water problem. It uses more water & also pollutes the water.

Urban wastes are also affecting water. Urban people throw their garbage here & there that also pollute the water and the most miserable problem is an environmental problem. Due to lack of tree the recycle of water vapor is getting decreased day by day, that’s why it’s causing un-even rain. These are the major water problem in India.

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