How to face difficult situations in life?


All is Well…!!! All is Well…!!!

A famous dialogue of superhit movie – 3 idiots gives you little confidence when you are in difficult situation. All of us face difficult situations in life but a few among us are able to handle it gently. Do you know Why..???

A simple answer to this is – We don’t get confidence from inside when we are in difficult moment. We loose hope, faith, confidence in such moments. This article is going to give you some confidence about how to face difficult situations in life. Firstly have a sigh of relief then start reading it carefully….

1. Understand the Root Cause

When pressure or difficult moment comes, most of us get frustrated. Being proactive can help you a lot in removing the problems. The first and foremost thing is to understand the root cause of the problem. You need to analyze the problem deeply to understand this. It’s better if you can note down all in bullet forms.

2. Share problems among your near and dear ones

In difficult situation, our mind becomes inactive and negative thoughts start conquering positive thoughts. In such odd times, you can share the problems to your near and dear ones… be it your family, friends, relatives or anyone whom you think to be helpful at the moment. Sometimes experience of others can be solution of your problem. Once you share the problems, your mind becomes cool and you may get sigh of relief.

3. Don’t Panic… Stay Calm…Have Patience

When there is problem and problem all around, you start crying. In most of the cases, people come under stress, anxiety, depression etc. You don’t need to put lots of stress on mind. Just stay calm…have patience and solve the problems step by step. Move steps in good direction. Little change can bring huge difference.

4. Make a list of all possible solutions

Once you are in problem, the major arc is of problem while the minor arc is of solution. You need to think very smartly and find the list of all possible solutions. You may discuss with others and note down their opinion, advice, suggestions too. Once you have alternatives, it becomes easy for you to make action plans.

5. Set a Timeline / Deadline

If you really want to solve the problems quickly, it’s better to make a timeline. Some problems are for short period while others are for long periods. Once you have list of solution in mind, start working on it with proper deadlines or timelines. It will act as a booster for you. You will see the impact soon.

6. Avoid Overthinking

During difficult times, don’t make yourself confused. Already you get pressure from all around. In such moment, you can do some exercise, meditation or relaxation activities. Thinking again and again about the same problem will not give solution. Even it may block good thoughts coming in your mind. Keep your mind engaged in other activities also. It needs proper direction.

7. Accept the change

During the difficult situation, sometimes we have to change ourselves or change something (can be our decision or plans). If you think change is necessary just accept it. Being emotional can harm you sometimes. A positive change can bring positivity within you as well.

8. Be Positive

Never get too much worried about the negative impact of problems. If you focus on negative side you will become negative. Sometimes, problem comes to make you strong, give massive learning to you… So be positive even in difficult times. Problem are like the branches of trees but thoughts are the roots and stems. Focus on positive thoughts and it will spread positive vibes all across.

If you really want to cope with the tough times, follow above guidelines, you will definitely overcome the situation. We, human being can solve all problems. The need is to become confident, follow good parth and start solving problems step by step.

Hopefully above article would be of big help to those people who face tough times. Share your opinion with us through comment section. Thanks for spending your valuable time reading this article.

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