Recently Tuition Tour organised seminar for Teacher and Students in Kolkata

Tuition Tour

The Tuition Tour organisation recently conducted the Seminar in Kolkata for Teachers and Students. In this seminar many eminent Teachers, Education and Philosopher were present in the event

In this Seminar the guest was present to grace the occasion were Sri Nemai Ghosh Chairperson Board of Administration, Madhyamgram Municipality, Professor Dr Sibnath Banerjee, Director JIS University, Dr Chitranjan Das, Principal Dr.B.R Ambedkar Mahavidyalaya and Dr.Sourav Mandal, Principal Madhyamgram B.ED College.

The theme of the seminar was the development of Teaching Learning Procedure for the Tutors who are enlisted with this organisation. The president of the organisation Dr.Sourav Mandal Principal, Madhyamgram B.ED College delivers a lecture on why we choose Tuition Tour.

Tuition Tour is a social platform for the unemployed educated youth where they can find their ways of employment through getting Tuitions. In this pandemic situation Tuition Tour is thinking about the employment of unemployed educated youth and of the guardians who are really worried about their children’s education.

Tuition Tour has implemented a dynamic global platform where well-wishers, teachers, and students can find verified tutors. There is a rating system for teachers by which guardians and students can find their best rated teachers and tutors from this organisation.Its an platform for teachers and students
Tuition Tour is providing platform to teachers who lost their jobs for Covid 19.

The presence of expert and experienced teachers, professors, and principals enlightens the cause of the Tuition Tour. This organisation thinks about the real development of the children who are considered as the future of the nation.

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