Flexible Working: New Trend After COVID-19

Flexible working

As we all know that Coronavirus is the biggest disaster now for all over the world. It has broken the spinal cord of economy of all the countries. The government of each country is trying to find solution to get rid of this pandemic. This virus has harmed many lives but also it has taught too many lessons to the people.

It gave us opportunity to show the humanity towards the people, towards the animals or birds, and towards our country. It also taught us that we have to be strong physically, mentally, economically to fight with this type of pandemic.

All are preparing for their post COVID-19 plans.

Our government is also doing it’s best to boost the country after this pandemic.

Recently a new update has come that many companies are planning to shift their regular 9am to 5pm working into flexible working schedule. Even the CEO of Facebook and New Zealand’s prime minister is supporting flexible working hours.

Flexible working

Hope this update will bring a smile on your face. But it doesn’t end here… Here are something more for all the working professionals.

New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern took her voice about 4 days working plan to boost tourism in the country.

After the lockdown, many people will seek for job in different companies. By keeping this in mind, the Founder of Facebook Mark Zukerberg has announced active remote hiring from July 2020.

In a simple ways, we can say many companies are planning to leave the old trends and adopt the new trends- Flexible Working, Work from home, Remote hiring and 5 days working plan. Really this is going to be the best decision ever for the employees who always work for their company and couldn’t give time for their family.

Work from home

Previous year Microsoft had trialed 4 days working week and work from home in Japan and the result was surprising. Employee’s feedback and productivity was indeed successful than before.

This decision can change the way of working.

It will also be a challenging for HR to hire a genuine employee to work from home.

Many Tech-Companies have their own opinion on this topic.

Amazon– Giving employee an option to work from home till 31st October.

Facebook– Extending work from home till 31st december 2020 and shifting work process and hiring towards remote working.

Google– Has also extend the work from home trend till 31st december.

Microsoft– Available work from option for many employee till last October.

Twitter– Has offered work from home permanently, Said Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey.

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