“Might is always Right” – What do you say?

might is always right

When we talk of right or wrong, we come across two situations. The first one is genuine which goes through the fact and while the other remains in the hand of power holding authority. If someone is having power then they can even make wrong things right. The same situation is usually termed as phrase “Might is always Right”.

To understand this fact more better, let’s take a simpler version of this saying. You might have heard, “Boss is always right”. Boss here is used to show the power holding authority. Whatever boss says, the employees have to follow the same irrespective of being right or wrong. We can not say that boss is always right or wrong but in our world most of the boss/power holding authority tried to prove themselves right.

The same situation is seen nowadays in political scenario also. Political leaders try to dominate the others opinion and try to rule over there. Similar situation can be seen in family, business etc. We need to change this philosophy.

Anyone can be right or wrong but the right thing should never be downtrodden. The boss or might should understand the situation and listen to others too. They are not the perfect leader. A leader is the one who keep the whole team United & come across the perfect and genuine decision. Listen to everyone and then decide what is right or wrong. Blind decisions or superimposing wrong decisions over right will create problem in future.

“Might is always right”, this approach used to be followed during British rule when we were slave but now in the democratic arena, everyone have the equal right to present their ideas. The ideas must be valued and kept in consideration by so-called bosses, politicians or decisions makers.

Let’s take a simple example from the game of cricket, it does not matter idea comes from from the mind of a bowler, wicketkeeper, batsman or caption, the idea must lead to win the team in the game. The greatest caption of Indian Cricket Team M.S.Dhoni follows the principle of team management and he listens to everyone in the team, this is the fact he is the most successful caption. We can see various captions who think only their mind can generate best ideas. Such thinking stops them from being successful.

When we work as a team, we must appreciate the right approach, suggestions, decisions being encountered from any of the team members, just a leader is someone who can refine and present the idea in best way. Even though the final outcomes comes wrong, the leader should take that responsibility on his/her own shoulders rather than blaming others.

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