Common Sentences in English

Common Sentences in English

In our day-to-day life, we come across various common sentences in English which is mostly used at home, office, school, colleges, society, etc. If you are a beginner and planning to learn English, you must learn these sentences first. Try to use these in your life and upgrade your level gradually.

Common Sentences in English are :-
  1. Hello.
  2. How are you?
  3. How do you do?
  4. I am fine.
  5. Thank you.
  6. Where are you going?
  7. Where are you working?
  8. I am waiting for you.
  9. Are you okay?
  10. All is well.
  11. Believe me.
  12. I am going.
  13. Where do you live?
  14. In which company do you work?
  15. What is your Job Role?
  16. My name is XYZ.
  17. Get out.
  18. Come in.
  19. Mind it.
  20. Do it.
  21. Keep going.
  22. Keep working.
  23. I trust you.
  24. I love you.
  25. I need you.
  26. He/She is intelligent.
  27. I live in XYZ.
  28. I am going to market.
  29. See you.
  30. Happy Birthday.
  31. Come soon.
  32. I can do this.
  33. You should work hard.
  34. Never do this.
  35. I was in need of it.
  36. Go ahead.
  37. You will succeed.
  38. Time is money.
  39. Don’t waste your time.
  40. Allow me some time.
  41. Please do it.
  42. Give me a glass of water.
  43. Who is that?
  44. May I call you later?
  45. Can you please help me?
  46. What’s up?
  47. What’s the agenda?
  48. When is the meeting?
  49. You seem to be busy.
  50. Are you available?
  51. Is it possible?
  52. It’s not possible.
  53. Are you going?
  54. Let it be.
  55. I will get late.
  56. Can I do this later?
  57. Sorry for this.
  58. Just pause it.
  59. Give me quickly.
  60. Open the door.
  61. Okay Sir.
  62. I have done it.
  63. Just for a moment.
  64. I will be back soon.
  65. Hold on.
  66. Wait for a while.
  67. I will join you shortly.
  68. I am getting late.
  69. I will have to rush.
  70. Be on time.
  71. I can’t tolerate it.
  72. Forgive me.
  73. We will do it.
  74. Have trust in me.
  75. I am there.
  76. Greetings of the Day.
  77. Have a good day.
  78. I am hungry.
  79. Have patience.
  80. Do hard work.
  81. Be regular.
  82. I am impatient.
  83. Are you married?
  84. For God’s sake, please!
  85. Leave me alone.
  86. It’s easy for me.
  87. Seems impossible.
  88. It was good.
  89. Is it okay?
  90. Superb Job.
  91. It was my mistake.
  92. I will revert you.
  93. Please send me an email.
  94. Please check.
  95. Please have a look.
  96. Skip it.
  97. Alright.
  98. Why is it so?
  99. Let’s have a cup of tea.
  100. Hurrah..! We have won.


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