How to Become a Freelancer

Freelancing as Career

Most of the people focus on Skill Development nowadays. They learn a lot of Technologies, Courses etc keeping in mind to get a good job. Have you ever thought to start getting your own project or How to earn money online? It might look something uneasy but if you think deeply and focus on the current scenario it’s most demanding nowadays. Just learn the basics of freelancing skills and get started as a freelancer. Now you might be interested to know How to Become a Freelancer…!!!

In this article, we are going to explain you complete details about Freelancing for beginners. Stick to the end to know complete insights about What is Freelancing, How to start freelancing, For whom it is important?

Let’s begin…


What is Freelancing / Who is a Freelancer ?

The common terms we listen nowadays are Freelance, Freelancer or Freelance Worker. All these terms are used to describe a person who is Self-Employed and is not dependent on a Boss or Employer for long term. Freelancer is a person who is the boss of himself or herself and is free to work from anywhere and anytime.

How to Become a Freelancer

If you want to become a Freelancer, you need to create your profile on following portals. Start building strong profile and get started to the world of freelancing…

Available Project Types in Freelancing

  • IT & Programming
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Writing & Translation
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Admin & Data Entry
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Finance & Management
  • Legal

Benefits of Freelancing

  • Be your own Boss :- There is no any boss, manager over your head in freelancing. You are free to work as per your desire and style. Being a Boss is the biggest privilege in freelancing career. Due to this reason, most of the people nowadays prefer freelancing as a career option.
  • Work with flexible time :- There is no 10 to 6 or 9 to 5 job in freelancing. You can choose time as per your convenience. You may work in morning, afternoon or even in night. Choose the perfect time which suits to you but always keep in mind to give output to the employer.
  • Less work load :- In this career, since you are the boss and you have to decide the work and it’s priority so there is less chances of having work load. Choose the work which you can do with perfection. Never take too heavy project or too many projects at one time. It may loose the rating of your profile if you fail to give output to the employer.
  • Spend more time with family :- You are having flexibility of time in freelancing so you can give more time to your family or even to you. Love the work and work with full dedication.
  • Exposure :- If you perform better in this career, you will get name and fame too. People will give projects to you after seeing your profile and performance. After working on projects successfully, you may get some referral projects too.
  • Profitable :- The main purpose of working is to get money. In freelancing you are paid higher and overall it depends on your work. The more you work, the more you earn.
How to become a Freelancer

Now you can see the benefits of Freelancing. You can spend time with your family & can work from anywhere. The biggest thing is “You are your own Boss” in this career option.

Just develop some skills within you and start building your strong profile on above-mentioned freelancing websites.

Follow these points while creating Profile on Freelancing Websites:-

  1. Upload Your Profile Picture :- Add a professional profile picture having minimum dimension 280*280 pixels. It will be shown while you place a bid or when someone visits to your profile.
  2. Add Your Skills :- Update the skills which you possess like Technical, Professional, Language skills etc. Initially you can add 20 skills within your profile so try to add those skills in which you are good.
  3. Explain Yourself in Short :- In this section, you need to write about yourself in short. You can explain about your working style, positive qualities, how you are the best etc. Don’t do too much show off. Just try to write the actual things about yourself.
  4. Add Your Portfolio/Work :- Portfolio is the most integral part of your profile. Employer focuses on your works first, then he or she looks at other sections. Try to add the maximum works which you have successfully done. You can add picture, text, code, url etc to show the portfolio.
  5. Add Experience Details :- Once you add experience in your profile it adds quality to your profile. Experience matters a lot in the corporate world. You can mention the Profile, Company, Year in which you worked and provide a brief about the same.
  6. Add Educational Details :- In this section, you can add the degree you have pertained and the institution from where you have achieved the degree. Try to add all the basic qualification you have currently including Matriculation, Intermediate, Graduation, Masters etc…

If you make your profile strong, the chances of getting projects will be higher. The employer who is giving you a project must trust you at the first sight. He or She navigates through your profile and checks out your works/portfolio. If that suits to him or her then only you are entitled to get the projects. Most of the freelancers put fake information. Beware to do so as it will hamper your image. Be true to the information you have provided and be confident and updated in the skills.

Creating Profile on Freelancer

  1. Google and Click on Signup tab.
Getting started in freelancer
  1. Signup at first using email ID and password.
signing in freelancer
  1. Create a freelancer username (it must be unique).
username in freelancer
  1. Choose the option “I want to work”.
Get projects from freelancer
  1. Verify your Email Address.
Verify email address in freelancer
  1. Update your Profile Info.
Updating profile in freelancer
  1. Click on “Browse Projects“.
How to get projects on freelancer
  1. Place bid on the respective Project.
Placing bid on Freelancer

After reading this article, your doubt of “How to Become a Freelancer” would have been cleared. If you like it and would have got some valuable information then must share among your friends too..!!!


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