Breaking News ! UPSC Prelims Exam 2021 Postponed


As we all know that Civil Services Prelims exam was going to be conducted but due to the pandemic, the exam has been postponed till October 10, 2021. The biggest challenge for the students is to keep themselves motivated till the goal is achieved. Here are some of the points you can follow during this period.


  1. Keep yourself motivated :- It’s the most important point which separates success from failure. Every successful person has their own story of difficulties that they faced. So keep yourself motivated and create your own history.
  2. Training for officers starts during UPSC Preparation itself :- The training to become an IAS Officer starts during the preparation itself. Manage your time efficiently. Set a small target and achieve it daily to get a bigger goal. Learn from your failures. So, it’s your time to prove that you have the capability to manage the ship even in the worst condition.
  3. Cover Mains syllabus in next two months :- Commission has the reputation to follow the calendar so there is a maximum probability that it will conduct its Mains after short notice. So, prepare yourself for the Mains by covering your options as well as the static part.
  4. Look beyond COVID horizon :- During this pandemic, yet COVID is an important topic that should be covered thoroughly but there are lots of other burning issues which should be covered equally.
  5. Importance of three months :- Next 2-3 months are going to be very important from the current affairs point of view for pre and mains both.
  6.  Peer Discussion :- You can do the group discussion (related to your subject) as well as you can keep solving previous year’s questions as well as a model online test.

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