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Various mountainous regions in Northern India attract the attention of tourists. Among them, Ladakh(“the land of high mountain passes”) is one of the best.  Leh, being the main city of Ladakh is mainly situated at 3500m above sea level. The city covers various mountainous ranges including the great Himalayan, Zanskar, Ladakh, and Karakoram ranges.

Leh Ladakh is popular for enjoying the beauty of mountains. You can experience great adventure at this place. Visiting Ladakh means directly interacting with nature and taking the best memories out of it. Ladakh is also known as “Little Tibet” since it has strong links to the Tibetan culture.

Capital of Ladakh : Leh

Total Area: 98,000 square km

Altitude : 2750m at Kargil to 7672m at Saser Kangri in Karakoram

Languages are Spoken: Ladakhi, English, Hindi, Tibetan, Zanskari, etc.

Population : 2,50,000 (Major people live in Leh)

Religon : Buddhist-77.3%, Muslim-13.8%, Hindu-8.6%

Climate: The climate of Ladakh is cold as it is located in the ranges of the Himalayas. City Leh receives an annual rainfall of 100 mm. The temperature reaches 25deg Celsius during summer and drops to -15deg Celsius during winter.

History of Ladakh

There is an amazing history attached to this destination. Nomads were the first inhabitants who came with their yaks firstly. Later on, Buddhist pilgrims got settled in the Indus valley. They further brought Buddhism which became the main religion of this region.

The western part of Ladakh was frequently attacked by Muslim armies during the 16th century while the eastern part was attacked by Tibetan armies during the 17th century. Ladakh was invaded by the Dogra army during the 19th century. Then after it became part of Jammu and Kashmir state.

The city experienced all the rules and regulations of J & K. But later on, it was separated from Jammu and Kashmir on 31st October 2019. It was the time when Ladakh became an independent state(as Union Territory).

There are two districts in Ladakh mainly :-

Leh District and Kargil District(includes Zanskar).

How to reach Ladakh – Ladakh Tour

The flights operate from Delhi to Leh on regular basis. If you plan to visit Ladakh during summer, then flights are a better and reliable option. During winter, the flights are canceled sometimes due to heavy snowfall. When the peak season comes, the flight tickets get expensive.

You can easily check the rates on various portals online before you plan to book the tour. If you plan to take the tour by road, you can choose the Manali or Srinagar highway. Although the roads are mostly closed during winter due to snowfall so you need to check them before you plan to leave for the Ladakh tour. The roads are usually open in May. You can either take a bus or taxi which will take around 2 days to reach Ladakh.

Must Remember

As we have already stated above that Leh is located at 3500m above sea level so you can get the acclimatization tougher due to high altitude. You can spend at least 2 days to acclimatize before you plan out for further adventures. You are advised to drink plenty of water or fluids like tea, juice, or soup.

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