Amazon is hiring 33,000 new employees with an average compensation package worth $150,000


Amazon is hiring 33,000 new employees.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down in the whole world. Many employees find themselves out of work. People are getting very upset due to lack of jobs. Looking for a job in times of Covid? Well, Amazon is hiring 33,000 new employees with an average compensation package worth $150,000. This news has given great hope to all the people who are looking for jobs in this time.

Amazon announced that it will hold a Career Day on September 16 that is open to everyone who are looking for a job. According to the tech giant’s press release, Amazon’s Career Day will include a team of 1,000 Amazon recruiters who will offer 20,000 career coaching sessions. The sessions are free of charge.

“With many more people left unemployed by the economic impact of Covid-19 and searching for new jobs, Career Day is designed for supporting all the job seekers, regardless of their level of experience, professional field, or background — or whether they are looking for a job at Amazon or another company,” Amazon said in its press release.

Amazon conducted a survey and found that 53% of Americans have been forced to look for a new job because of Covid-19 pandamic time.

Amazon has already hired more than 175,000 people to staff up during the coronavirus pandemic to help meet surging demand for delivery. Amazon is hiring 33000 new employee. UPS is also focusing on hiring during the Covid-19 pandemic time. “We plan to hire over 100,000 people for UPS’s seasonal jobs, and anticipate a large number will move into permanent roles after the holidays,” the company said in a Wednesday press release. Amazon is hiring 33000 new employees.

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