How to Speedup your PC in 7 simple steps

speed up your PC or Computer

A very famous quotes said by Bill Gates:  “The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”

Yess… We all agree with it… But what happens when the computer becomes a problem due to its speed… due to its slowdown. After an interval of time, the computer runs slowly and gives delayed output. It’s a genuine problem that we all face in our tech life. The computer is getting slow, it doesn’t mean that we will dump it into the dustbin. As a human, if I ask what will you do if your nails grow??? You will give an answer quickly to cut the nails not the fingers…. Right!!! Here, nails are just like a problem that we solve it by cutting the nails. Similarly, Computer slowdown is a problem that we have to solve it. We don’t need to get frustrated and plan to buy a new laptop without any valid reason. There are lots of reasons behind the slowdown of the computer. In this article, we’ll know the solution of each problem that causes a slowdown of your PC.

1. Remove Garbage files from Computer

Garbage files are the common reason behind slowing down your PC. Follow these steps to delete these garbage files. This deletion won’t affect your any setting or any personal data.

a) Go to Run (Win+R)

Type temp and press enter.

This will open all temporary files in your system.

Now select all files (ctrl+A) and delete it.

b) Go to Run (Win+R)

Type %temp% and press enter.

Now select all files (ctrl+A) and delete it.

c) Go to Run (Win+R)

Type prefetch and press enter.

Now select all files (ctrl+A) and delete it.

d) Right click on C Drive and go to properties.

Here you will see an option Disk cleanup. Simply click on it. It will open cleanup dialog box. Just check on all the options and click on the ok button. It will ask you to delete the files, simply click on delete button.

2. Uninstall Unnecessary or Unused Softwares

Unnecessary softwares occupy lots of space and make your PC slow. If you are not using any softwares on regular basis or you haven’t used that for one month then remove it now.

Follow these steps to remove unused softwares.

Go to Run (Win+R)

Type appwiz.cpl and press enter.

It will open programs and features options. Just right click on any unwanted software and press uninstall.

It may take some time to uninstall heavy softwares.

3. Limit the start-up program

Some unwanted programs automatically starts when you start the PC. This activity slowdowns your PC and some time it causes hang or freeze.

You can manage startup program by simply following these simple steps.

Method 1. Go to task Manager by pressing ctrl+shift+esc simultaneously.

And navigate to Startup Tab. Right click on unwanted apps click on disable.

Method 2. Go to run (win+R)

Type msconfig and press enter.

Navigate to startup tab. Right click on unwanted apps click on disable.

4. Disk Defragmentation

Disk Defragmentation is a utility tool provided by the Microsoft windows to increase the data access speed. Follow these steps to do defragmentation.

Right click on C drive and go to Properties.

Go to tools tab and click on optimize under optimize and defragment drive.

By selecting C drive, simply click on Optimize button.

Done… It will take some time to defragment your drive.

5. Adjust windows animation

Animations gives soothing effect to your eyes when you open, close or drag any files or window, but it is also the reason behind slowing down your PC.

To manage animations Right click on My Computer or This PC icon and go to properties.

From the left panel click on Advanced System Setting

Now click on setting under performance option.

Now uncheck unnecessary animations and click on apply.

6. Free Up Disk Space

If your hard drive is full then it will definitely slowdown your PC. You need to free up your disk by regularly deleting unwanted files like- Audio, Videos, Images etc. Make sure to free up your C drive on regular basis.

7. Few Tips

If above options doesn’t work then you need to upgrade your hardwares. Install more RAM, upgrade HDD into SDD. Install graphic card if required.

Just follow these tips and make your PC faster and smoother. If you have any doubt while doing this steps then give your email id in the comment box and we will guide you individually. If you like this article, do share this among your friends and help them out to make their PC faster.

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