Lost Job during COVID-19? Nothing to Worry…Bounce Back…!!!

Lost Job during COVID-19? Nothing to Worry…Bounce Back…!!!

COVID-19 Pandemic has come up with worries all around. Many people have been affected badly directly or indirectly. Few have lost their lives, few are still suffering from this killer Coronavirus. This is from the perspective of life which we talked about but if we talk about the other areas i.e. Career, COVID-19 Pandemic or simply we can say the lockdown has ruined Jobs & Careers of many.

The workers who had got settled in their job by doing hard work are now workless. The companies have fired out many employees keeping in mind their financial condition. This loss of employment has caused hardship in the life of mass citizen not only in India but across the world. Not only the salaried workers but also the casual workers have no work now. All the sectors like Real Estates, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Restaurants, etc. have suffered tremendous losses during this uncertain virus attack.

Lost Job during COVID-19

If we see from the worker’s point of view, then it seems to be painful but if we see from the company’s perspective, it was a compelling decision as there has been no work during this time so how can they pay salaries. Let’s think about this situation more deeply. Now compare the employees or workers with a farmer who is self-dependent in his or her life. If we analyze the situation of farmers all over the country, they have also suffered badly. The crops in the agricultural land have been damaged, no market is open & even the price of the goods is not fair enough now.

What can be  “Solution”?

We have talked about the problem in detail and have come to know why it’s happening. Now as you all know the pandemic is getting normal day by day. The government is also much worried about the downfall of the economy. A few days ago, the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also announced to focus more on Swadeshi Goods & Services. He emphasized on “Vocal for Local”. The plan is to generate more and more jobs in India & give employment. It has two primary reasons, as our PM has always talked about Make in India initiative, this is the perfect time to start from the mediocre level. The first reason is that we have very good youth potential in India who can support the nation in setting up enterprises or so-called Start-ups. The second reason is – we want to generate more money in India only and increase it’s GDP & Economy. It will take some time, but as you know it’s very important to start something, rest it keeps ongoing…

The jobless people may get an opportunity to focus on their skills very sensibly now. Post COVID-19 they may get a chance from various companies to work if their skill fits well in the work profile. Although the competition is going to be cut-throat skill will always stand at No. 1 position.

Those who have ideas and wanted to start their work or business, it’s the perfect time for you. You can plan everything deeply and come-up with stronger support. The government has given relief to many startups by launching a couple of schemes. The people who have skills but even can’t find jobs can try for freelancing as a career opportunity. Many companies or individuals looking for freelancers who can do their work at an affordable rate and within the deadline. You may get such works from free freelancing websites like freelancer.com, upwork.com, guru.com, peopleperhour.com, fiverr.com, etc. You can create a profile over here and can find the best work relevant to your skills.

Bounce Back after COVID-19

Those who want to work in MNC’s must keep checking the job hirings. The company like Google, Amazon, Facebook will do remote hiring and currently, they are offering work from home mode. If you are interested, you may apply for the profile you are interested in.

We always want prosperity in your personal & professional life. These were some key ideas in my mind which I shared with you. Hope this article will help you a little bit to stop worrying about career problem and bounce back to get the next flight to boost your career. Never get demotivated, everything happens for a reason. Just start a new career & keep going. It’s mere Life…Enjoy the Journey.

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Thank You…!!!

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