5 Interpersonal Skills that can enhance your Confidence during Interview

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In the journey of professional life, one of the most challenging stage is to face an interview for getting Jobs. Most of you would be scared of Facing an Interview…Right? But reading this article will mitigate this fear upto an extent.

During interview we have to express ourselves within a limited timeframe in front of interviewer. In other words, we can say that Interview is conducted to know about you. When you prepare for a high profile job like Software Developer, Data Scientist or competitive exam like CAT, UPSC etc, Interview plays crucial role after passing the written examination.

Prepare for some commonly asked interview questions and more of it, work on your Communication. If you are good in Spoken English then much better else you can opt for Spoken English Course. Best Communication Skill will act as an advantage for you. It will provide you an edge over the others. Most of the people say, “Interview is conducted not to select, but to reject many people.” You need to build such skills within you which will be liked by interviewer & you will be selected easily.

If you want to crack the top interviews, you must focus on some Interpersonal Skills. These skills will develop confidence within you during interview. The top interpersonal skills are :

  1. Communication Skill : Communication is the strongest weapon of all successful person. Communication does not mean about English speaking but it’s more of how do you express your thoughts, ideas in front of others and understand their perspective. At the workplace, you have to communicate everyday among your colleagues and with managers, customers etc. Try to be polite during conversation and do not speak too much uselessly. Your communication and etiquette will be judged by the interviewer. They will focus on this interpersonal skill the most. You can learn these skills by watching some professional YouTube videos too. If you are at a workplace, then try to develop this skill over there. Learn from others and implement on yourself…!!!
  2. Leadership Skill : A good leader is equipped with lot of qualities, thus every organization want this quality in their employees. During interview, the interviewer (or HR) tries to find this quality. It can be judged directly or through a set of logical questions. During UPSC interview, usually such cases arise mostly. You can go through previous years question papers. If you are preparing for a normal job interview then try to show your confidence. Always think about the company first and then answer questions.
  3. Problem Solving Skill : When you dive into professional life, challenges will always crawl you. To conquer such challenges, you must have problem solving approach. Problem solving Skill can not be built in one day, it comes with experience and your attitude towards solving the problem. You should think any problem from multiple perspective and try to find all possible solutions. Among those solutions, see which suits the best as per the circumstance. Interviews of CAT and other MBA exams test the problem solving skill which is required in a good manager.
  4. Decision Making Skill : During interview, to boost your confidence, you must have the decision making skills. It will help you to answer the dynamic questions. All the companies look towards such employees who can handle the companies in various situations.
  5. Listening Skills : Interview is not about speaking only, it’s listening to the interviewer also. If your listening skills are good you will be able to analyze the questions in far better way. Do not interrupt while the interviewer is asking any questions or trying to say something in between. You should listen everything very carefully and accordingly as per conscience, respond to him or her.

Try to follow these top 5 interpersonal skills which will certainly boost your confidence during interview. English Learning & Best Communication Skill will always be the advantage for you. Go ahead to develop such skills & crack the interview…!!!

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