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Whatsapp has become an incredible part of the day to day life.  Till now, you might have used separate  phone for personal and business whatsapp. To cope with this problem, whatsapp has launched its new product “Whatsapp Business“. This app is useful for small scale businessman or entrepreneurs.

Major benefits of Whatsapp Business:

  1. Setting of Business Profile.
  2. Business Messaging Tools
  3. Same phone can be used to integrate personal and business whatsapp.
  4. Landline number can be used as business number.
  5. Whatsapp web can also be used with Whatsapp Business.

Let’s see the major features of Whatsapp Business which has made it distinct from normal whatsapp.

  1. Business Profile:- With the help of this option you set your business name, address (Google map too), business category, business description, business hours etc. It helps the user to provide complete information of his/her business. People can easily navigate your business by getting proper information.
  2. Statistics:- This feature allows you to keep a track of sent messages, delivered messages, read messages & received messaged. When you are promoting your business, it becomes a hectic job to figure out the flow of messages. This feature makes your job a little bit easier.
  3. Away Messages:-  Let’s take a scenario when you are unavailable to reply someone. Suppose you are busy or are in a meeting then away message automatically replied when someone pings you on whatsapp.
  4. Greeting Messages:- When some new user sends you a message then greeting message automatically sends a message to him/her.
  5. Quick Replies:- Like facebook messenger, whatsapp allows you to send quick replies to specified templates. You can set predefined replies to some sorts of messages like “hi”, “hello” etc. It saves your time to connect with new user and makes a brand value of your business.

You can grow your business by using these tools. Use all the tools effectively and grow your business. The primary goal of Whatsapp Business is to lift your business and we it will succeed in doing so…

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