YouTube: The King of Search Engine is the collection of doors of Opportunity. It is like a diamond treasure and everyone is running in the crowd to get the diamond treasure. YouTube is one of the famous video search engines in the entire world. It gave the vision to see the world from a new… Continue Reading

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Most Startup founders and entrepreneurs think that they are creating the next big revolution in the respective industry. However, in reality, 90% of them fail. The motives for failure could be many reaching from lack of product-market appropriate to inadequate capital. Be it a corporation, start-up, investor, academic or economic development person or journalist, everyone… Continue Reading

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Blogging is the art of depicting your inner skills and present it in front of the public. It can be your desire, your passion, your outlook, your knowledge or anything. Blogging has affected the world a lot. Various blogging websites like Quora, Stack Overflow etc have earned great name and fame in very short time.… Continue Reading

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