How to bring more traffic on your blog

If you are a passionate blogger and write a lot of articles but still devoid of traffic then you are at the right place. Bloggers usually keep focussing on one or two aspects of blogging. But you should focus on certain points which bring more traffic(audience) to your blog. Here are certain tips on how to bring more traffic on your blog:-

  1. Write the relevant contents which are useful for the readers. They must fall in love with the content.
  2. Use attractive heading which catches the attention of users in one shot. For example read the blog – “top 8 ways to stay happy in life“.
  3. Use internal and external links in your blog. The links must be useful in the perspective of users.
  4. Use good images to attract the visual impact of audience. Images attract more than words.
  5. Use keywords in the mid of your content. Identify the focus keyword of your blog and use it in title, first paragraph, last paragraph, SEO title, Meta description etc.
  6. Try to use the active voice to write the content. Google prefers active voice more than passive voice.
  7. The start of the blog should be generic to specific. You may start with a killer question or dialogue. The ending may be with a question or solution.
  8. Use the search engine submission of your blogging website. It will act as the funnel of traffic.
  9. Guest posting can also bring a good amount of traffic on your blog.
  10. Leave good comments on blogs of other people. It will redirect the audience to your blog also.
  11. Do consistent blogging. Stop worrying about the result in the initial phase. Google values your effort. One day your blog will get good outcome. Hard work in the right direction never goes in vain.
  12. Try to solve the problem of people via your blog. People search their problems more on Google. Understand the basic searches and write blogs on those topics.
  13. Share the links of your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Avoid mass sharing in groups, WhatsApp etc. It may hamper your outcome.
  14. Be funny, clever. Do not write too seriously. People have the full command to press button on their smartphones. You have to stop them from pressing close or back button. It all happens through putting emotions in blogs.
  15. Launch your blog in public speaking or meetings. Try to catch some regular audience.
  16. Optimize your site for search engine. You can use search engine optimisation techniques like directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission, classified submission, forum submission, web 2.0 submission, press release submission etc. These will highlight your website in the Google searches.
  17. Use Google Keyword Planner tool to search keywords and the corresponding search volumes. Embed high and medium search keywords inside your blog.
  18. Use tags at the most. Tags can be small, medium or long tail keywords. As you use hash tags on social media, similarly use tags in blogs also.
  19. Try to break the entire blog in set of paragraphs. Each paragraph must have one set of meaning. Like the first paragraph is about introduction of the topic, second paragraph is about the problem and next paragraph is about the solution to the problem discussed above.
  20. Try to give links to other blogs inside your blog. It will bind the users on your blog.
  21. Use categories to specify your blog. Make several categories under which you write blogs. Like technology, gadgets, life, career etc. Once user enters in one of your category all the relevant blogs will appear in one shot.
  22. Use the feature image as the thumbnail of your blog. You might have used thumbnails in your YouTube videos which acts as the first impression of your video. In the same fashion, the feature images acts as the front face of your blog. This image must depict what your blog is all about.
  23. If you use WordPress for your blog then use the tool “Yoast SEO”. Yoast is one of the powerful SEO tool. It gives you many facilities like optimizing heading, keywords, slug etc. It also indicates about problems underlying in your blog and the ways to resolve it.
  24. Make sure clenbuterol profile your blog must have consistent number of words. It can be minimum 300 or 400.
  25. Use social share button inside your blog. If people like the blog they may share on their social media profile.
  26. Reply the comments that you get on your blog. It will bring a touch with the audience.
  27. Use attractive theme for your blog. It must be eye catchy, the font style must be readable.
  28. If you use images inside the blog, take care of the alt tag. Alt stands for Alternate. Alt tag should consist of the name of the image.
  29. Always use the blog with second person “you” rather than first person “me”
  30. Use bold or italic tag if you need to put emphasis on some words or paragraphs. It will attract the viewers attention immediately.
  31. Your blog should look like story telling not just a boring essay. Nobody wants to waste their precious time reading essays.
  32. Use simple and meaningful words. Most complicated words lead to increase of your bounce rate.
  33. If you want you can use simple idioms, phrases or public dialogues to add flavour to the blog.
  34. The content of blog must be related and oriented to the title.
  35. You may add chronology like previous blog, next blog etc. It adds links to other blogs.
  36. Use sub headings in the mid of the blog. Sub headings specifies good thought process. Use H2 or H3 tag to specify sub headings.You can also use bullets or numbering in mid.

These tips are most essential for bringing traffic on your blogs. Follow and share this blog-“How to bring more traffic on your blog” in your entire group. People with fall in love with blogging. Once you get good traffic then you can apply for Adsense. With the help of AdSense you can get revenue also. Just love blogging and share your thoughts and ideas in attractive way. People will love your content.

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