The Digital India Revolution

Twenteith century has brought about many new changes in India. One among them is the Digital India Revolution. For past couple of years, there has come massive change in the technology as well. People have adopted this change positively. Starting from chatting service, ticketing service, payment service everything has become almost digital now. Starting from morning alarm to watching YouTube while sleeping has become the habit of most of the people.

Not only India but whole whole is moving very fast digitally. Everyday some new apps are made, new technology is invented. With the official launch of Digital India scheme by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, it has grown exponentially high. Government has come up with many digital schemes like transaction through UPI, payment transfer into bank accounts directly, digital thumb impression etc. Use of smartphones, laptops etc has increased due to this impact. Now a days every 8 family out of 10 is carrying a smartphone. The young generation is the afficianado of using technology. They prefer live classes rather than classroom program, they watch YouTube more than their teachers. Where this revolution will lead the future? We are now driven entirely by digital revolution. Demonetization scheme has give great push to adopting this digital transaction race.
Paper work has been reduced upto a great extent in private and government department. With the rise of technology, Artificial Intelligence has come into existence. Everything is getting automated day by day. Most of us would have seen ticket vending machine at metro stations, this is the live example of such massive change. The things are getting more simpler. We are very fortunate to be the part of such revolution. Our prime minister is giving more push to adopt digital revolution. The coming generation will experience whether the digital revolution is boon or curse for human being…!!!

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