A big news for the whatsapp giant users of India…!!! Whatsapp has come up with it’s new service of providing UPI payments through it’s chatting application. Most of you would be awaiting for as the news was in air for past two years. Take a sigh of relief, you can use UPI mode now onwards… Continue Reading

The Android Apps are handholding friends or gadgets for the students. It always gives us many things without any expectations. In the 21st century, Android Apps are the most valuable unit in everyone’s life. These Apps make our work easier and never deny our commands. The world is changing, everything is running fast. Especially if… Continue Reading

A Mobile Phone is often also called “cellular phone”. It is a device primarily used for a communication call. Presently technological advancements have made our life easy. Today, with the help of a mobile phone we can effortlessly talk or video chat with anyone through the world by just moving our digits. Nowadays mobile phones… Continue Reading

Twenteith century has brought about many new changes in India. One among them is the Digital India Revolution. For past couple of years, there has come massive change in the technology as well. People have adopted this change positively. Starting from chatting service, ticketing service, payment service everything has become almost digital now. Starting from morning… Continue Reading

Technology has spread all over the world and people use to technological gadgets that has good as well as bad impacts on their life. We will tell you that why technology is boon and curse for world. Firstly, you all are totally dependent on modern equipment, from the starting of the day till go to… Continue Reading

The importance of robots in human’s life is increasing at high rate. Our dependence on robots will also increase in future. People might enjoy different kinds of facilities in their life which we will mention you. Undoubtedly, there will number of services that people could afford in their life. You can suppose that you will… Continue Reading

After careful review of taglines of famous mobile phones in market, following marketing preferences come to mind. Consumers have deep desire to stay connected with their product and identify themselves with the device. Adjectives like ‘Sleek’, ’Powerhouse’, ’Back Up’. There’s set of consumers who are more concerned about the battery reserves of their phones. Their… Continue Reading

Redefining rail travel: Audio-Visual communication devices making use of electronic circuitry has been in use for decades. However, as the semi-conductor businesses innovated, ability to compress computing power increased (smaller chip sizes); Hardware, Electronic communications companies came up with new set of devices based on software engineering.  There is  an opportunity to integrate  electronic circuitry… Continue Reading

Continuing with our thoughts on the last article, technology has become part and parcel of our lives. All products impacting human lives have a capacity to make a positive impact. However, this impact can very quickly turn into menace if boundaries are not well defined and social context is missed out. Today’s technology specialist and managers… Continue Reading

If you are in market and looking for budget smartphone under 10000, then it is very difficult to identify which is the best smartphone under your budget.  Recently lots of smartphone have been launched in the market with very good features. Some focuses on 3 or 4 GB RAM, some focuses on camera quality, some… Continue Reading