Is technology boon or curse ?

Technology has spread all over the world and people use to technological gadgets that has good as well as bad impacts on their life. We will tell you that why technology is boon and curse for world.

Firstly, you all are totally dependent on modern equipment, from the starting of the day till go to bed, even while sleeping. Technology is saving our precious time and you are using this saved time in your other works. For instance, for moving from one place to another, you use motors vehicles such as bus, bike, car, train and airplane. Secondly, by using of technology, the work in kitchen is being done by humans with accuracy and effectively. It makes everything convenient to do for anyone even a child can cook with the help of the technology. Another one benefit is that you can communicate with anyone from any corner of the world because there is facility of using the cell phones and even you can make video calls. For instance, due to effective communication, wings of businessmen is spreading globally and they are controlling their branches in other countries without coming in the particular country.

On the other hand, like every coin has two sides. As well as, technology has their own drawbacks on the ecosystem. Firstly, due to use of motor vehicles, the rate of pollution is increasing day by day that might make the condition serious and dangerous. Therefore, people should avoid the use of technology and for living a happy life you have to follow the traditional ways to live life. The others constructive disadvantages which proves that technology is a curse for humans are that cell phones are also the reason of the cancer and it is certified by the experts and it effects badly the eyesight of the users. Moreover, youngsters are wasting their time by chatting on social sites unnecessarily and they are not focusing on their goals.

Lastly, we want to tell you that technology is a boon or curse, it depends on you and how you take the benefits of modern equipment which are being provided by technology. Hence, you need to aware about the uses of technology.

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