Redefining Rail Travel

Redefining Travel- Sep 03, 2018

Redefining rail travel: Audio-Visual communication devices making use of electronic circuitry has been in use for decades. However, as the semi-conductor businesses innovated, ability to compress computing power increased (smaller chip sizes); Hardware, Electronic communications companies came up with new set of devices based on software engineering.  There is  an opportunity to integrate  electronic circuitry with software based devices.

The decision making ability can be transmitted over hand-held devices via internet and optical fiber cables. Indian railways is all set to create a whole new experience for its consumers. With features like aesthetics, internet connectivity, global positioning systems all in a dashboard, consumers can experience a different rail journey.

Closed circuit cameras provide ability to monitor security situation and act as preventive mechanism for an untoward incident . It can also serve purpose of audit in case of any dispute. However, all this comes as a cost to exchequer.  Putting all this data online will provide better consumer insights, security planning etc. Global positioning system enables, real-time access to movement of vehicles. All this will enable better decision making for consumers. Internet of Things or sensor monitoring the rail traffic data can be used for planning purpose of any future infrastructure development.

It’s an exciting time for any travel enthusiast looking to experience the world through a different lens. Are you as excited about the times we live in? Write to me about your thoughts and let’s explore this world with Smartech.


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