Mobile Phone Tag Line Analysis

Mobile Phone Tag Lines

After careful review of taglines of famous mobile phones in market, following marketing preferences come to mind. Consumers have deep desire to stay connected with their product and identify themselves with the device. Adjectives like ‘Sleek’, ’Powerhouse’, ’Back Up’. There’s set of consumers who are more concerned about the battery reserves of their phones. Their emphasis on “Installation of Operating System” and “Risks”, point to a technically savvy consumer.

Some of the parsing or phrase analysis we carried out are as follows

  • Sleek- This is for a consumer concerned with looks and size of a phone.
  • Powerhouse – This is for a consumer who can associate himself/herself as a powerhouse in a society and identifies with his/her product
  • Powerful battery back-up- This is for a consumer looking for deep battery reserves. A consumer who prefers utility over features, looks.
  • Installation Blues; Accidents in installation leading to loss of data and device ( Risk)
  • Security of devices ( Passphrase based security authentication)
  • Style statement (First Impressions) – This is for consumer concerned about making ‘First Impressions’ in
  • business.

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