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Continuing with our thoughts on the last article, technology has become part and parcel of our lives. All products impacting human lives have a capacity to make a positive impact. However, this impact can very quickly turn into menace if boundaries are not well defined and social context is missed out. Today’s technology specialist and managers should also be savvy with the laws and social context while devicing these systems. Infact, any product whose features provide a service or fulfill a need must be designed after a careful review by legal experts of the company.  This is more relevant today than ever. More millenials are spending time on their devices without  knowing the information and rights they are compromising.

Similar situation would have arisen when people started using automobiles. A century later, similar trend is emerging with social technologies popularly known as SMAC (Social, Mobile, and Analytics & Cloud). A need to grow in the market and compete with a fellow product in the market space may push product owners to compromise consumer privileges.

We too are in business of providing services to our students and clients. Most of our transactions are personalized and our scale limits the quality of service we provide to our patrons. We do face day to day challenges in satisfying our consumers, we take the feedback, learn and improvise.

There’s need for legal experts who understand technology with a legal context. India itself is seeing lot of momentum around data governance. A recent case in point is “Anti-Trust” motion laid out against a social media company by a European government.  With free hand from the government, the department has initiated enquiry process to check if individual rights are infringed upon. This too can be an opportunity for the company to engage with the law makers of the land to learn, share and impact to local governance.

Company boards will need more representation from legal community who understand the financial transactions as well as local laws. Anti-Trust enquiry can be a learning opportunity for the company and can be taken care of by co-operating with law makers and ensuring timely and quick resolution of their concerns. An ecosystem of partnership between governments and private players is needed for this technology enabled world.

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