Political strikes at peak

Political Strike

The phase of politics is complicated subject across the world to understand for a common man. In current definition of politics, it means strategies and plans either at lowest level or at international level. The trend of strikes between politicians is at peak at every level of politics due to many reasons. We will discuss the most important causes of politics strikes.

Firstly, the thinking of just winning the elections either at international level or any other level has changed. Politicians think that if they do not win the polls, they will lose their status, name and fame in the society. The winning thinking is the main reason of occurring politics strikes.

Move on second cause of politics strikes, majority of politicians take the meaning of politics in wrong way. They feel that politics means that to get power for doing anything instead of serving the citizens. Hence, for achieving power, they fight with their competitors.Political Strike

Thirdly, human beings have the nature to win anything in the competitions, they start to show the weak points of their competitors instead of giving evidence of their work which they have done.

The next cause of fighting between politicians is the racism on the basis of caste, color and religion. Even at international level in United States of America, Donald Trump won the election after promising to his citizens of throwing outside the immigrants who do not have legal permission to stay there.

Another cause of political strikes between countries is to emphasize their power in the world. For instance, U.S.A., Russia, North Korea and many other nations want to gain veto power in the world and to influence the other countries.

The other causes might be voters because they give votes only to those politicians who give them personal benefits. Voters should adopt the broad thinking and need to start to think about all people, not on the perspective of an individual.

Lastly, political strikes take place in the world due to narrow thinking of voters and politicians.

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