Which Language is better for Blogging – English or Native ..???

Which language is better for Blogging

Blogging is passion for most of the people. It is not limited to only those who are good in English language. We have seen many blogs in Hindi or any regional languages. If you want to start blogging and are confused which language is better for Blogging – English or Native.., this article is really going to help you a lot.

Before writing blog firstly you need to understand few things like

  1. Which topic/content/subject your blog is based upon.
  2. What kind of Audience do you want for your blogs (as readers).
  3. What is the current trend (Search Engine)


These three parameters are the best ways to do analysis about language barrier in blogging. Let’s understand these parameters in depth:-

  1. Which topic/content/subject your blog is based upon.

    You might have seen different blogging websites like News, Entertainment which comes both in English and Native languages. See these two websites for an instance :- India Today, Aaj Tak . Both are News websites but one is in English while other is in Hindi. The purpose of both website is same i.e giving information to the user. Now if we see the graph of both the websites, India today would be accessible by Global Audience while Aaj Tak would be limited to India or a few other countries. If we prefer English as the main language for our blog, then we expect our blog to be globally accessible and traffic is expected to be more. Hindi or any regional websites reach to a limited audience where these native languages are used mostly. Similarly other blogging areas can be Cooking, Entertainment, Tips and Tricks which can be multilingual. Now you have to think content v/s audience. Accordingly you can choose the language.

  2. What kind of Audience do you want for your blogs (as readers)

    See, blogging is of no use if users are not coming on your blog. We are doing so much efforts just to have maximum readers for our blog. Imagine you are a writer and publishing a book. If your blog has no readers your book if of no use. Thus firstly try to analyze the readers. If your readers are comfortable in Native language then use this but this is okay if you target a small audience. Many blogs come in Marathi, Tamil language but their readers are limited to that state or those who know these languages can browse. Select the audience size, type and mood, then select the language accordingly. Mostly good bloggers tap Global Audience, so they prefer English language, You can see that even more than 50% of the blogs published on Google are in English language.

  3. What is the current Trend?

    If we talk about the trend, you should be regularly updated about this. Which trend of Search Engine is on top scale now. Be aware about certain keywords and algorithm of Search Engine. English content is mostly given priority as lot of users search in English globally.

Apart from these points you should ask to yourself which language you are comfortable in Blogging. There is no compulsion to write in English only. You can choose any language which you feel better from your end.

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