Most precious chocolate in the world

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The word ‘chocolate’ brings the water in the mouth of every person. But, this chocolate is not possible for everyone to buy because its price is rupees 6,18,400 {INR}. We give our friends the presents of high amount to greet them and to thank them by giving chocolates. The name of the world expensive chocolate is ‘bonebone’ and it is available in Portugal.

Don’t think that you cannot buy this chocolate just because of high price. If you want to buy this one, so you can purchase it because it is also provided in small pieces which are available in 1000 pieces. If we think that a common man can purchase a car of the same amount.

What is special in this chocolate? It is matter to think. Actually, it is prepared by special technique. It is sold in unique packing. The polish of gold is also the reason of its high price. This chocolate is like jewelry, you can do business with this chocolate. Meanwhile, it is made for doing trade. The whole process of manufacturing ‘Bonebone’ took 1 year. It is mixture of saffron threads, white truffle, and vanilla from Madagascar and gold flakes. It is also known as ‘glorious’.

Its creator, Portuguese chocolatier Daniel Gomes, said the diamond-shaped chocolate was certified as the world’s most expensive by the Guinness Book of records, which in 2017 listed $250 La Madeline au Truffee made by Danish artisan chocolate-maker Fritz Knipschildt’s as the record holder.

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