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Youtube being the hub of knowledge and entertainment keeps on updating its new rules and policies. Before one year, the policy of youtube was a bit simple but since July 1, 2017 , Youtube came with a new rule dictating that the youtube channel will monetized only and only if the viewers cross a threshold limit of 10,000.

As you know Youtube has a global market and crossing the limit of 10,000 views is not a big deal. Keeping this purview in mind Youtube amended its  plan and has come with slightly new policy.

 New policy of Youtube:

  1. Watch Time:  Are you aware of the term watch time? .. Watch time simply means for how you videos are being viewed. The more your video is viewed the more watch time you will get.  In 2018, Youtube has come up with a new policy which states that the channel will be eligible for monetization only if your channel gets watch time of 4000 hours in 12 months. Watch time is an important factor most youtubers are focusing at.
  2. Subscribers: Till now you would have been focusing on only no of views on videos but now youtube has bounded the subscription factor also. As per the new guidelines if you have 1000 subscribers into your channel then only you will be able to monetize your channel. So try to add more subscriptions into your channel. It will lead to excellent views as well as will help to attain more monetary benefits. If your content is unique then people will automatically subscribe your channel.

Guidelines for Youtubers:

  • Always try to come up with a new and unique idea. People love to see something new. It will attract the attention of audience as well as will make you unique in the view of Youtube.
  • The content you are using should be unique. It must not have any copyright issue. The images, text, music or video you use should be yours only. It must not be copied from elsewhere.
  • Follow the guidelines of Youtube like what should be the aspect ratio, what quality of  sound should be there, what type of frames/dimensions of video should be there. If you ponder these small guidelines, Youtube will automatically promote your video.

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